Baseball Season is in Full Swing

Last year, 2016, the boys played baseball. If they didn’t like it, big deal! I was hooked! I’m grateful that wasn’t the case because the boys were hooked too. 

This year Barrett is on the Twins and Merrick is on the Phillies. Great coahes, good teammates and fun parents all around. Juggling dual practices and games is difficult when Scott is out of town but my sister has been a great help. Plus, I secretly love running to games and feeling rushed.

They’ve learned a ton about baseball and sportsmanship each season and this week in particular, humility and the power of prayer.   At last nights games there were some great lessons learned! 

Merrick has been bragging to anyone with ears about his team being undefeated or “undefeatable” as he says. I told him yesterday to watch his words because it could bite him in the butt. He didn’t get it. Nor did he care. 

His first time up to bat at yesterday’s game, during the second inning, he struck out. That’s not common. He’s typically a predictable hitter. Second time up to bat he wanted to redeem himself so he took his stance and pointed to the outfield. OH MY GAAAAHHHHHHHHH! His coach and I moaned loudly. He proceeded to strike out again. “Humility will be the topic of discussion on the ride home tonight!”, I told my mom and in-laws. The icing on the cake was his team was slaughtered! Oh this is a great lesson indeed. 

Now Barrett’s game was completely different. Well, not entirely. They also lost but if you talked to Barrett about the game you’d never know. First inning of the game he’s playing third base. He’s never played third before so I was interested to see how he’d do. I wasn’t terrified like when he pitched two weeks prior just eager to see the results. I wasn’t disappointed! First kid walked to first base (base on balls) and the second kid was up to bat. He hit a hard grounder to the left of Barrett. He slid and caught it and tossed it to 2nd base and they got the runner out. “Good job Barrett!”, I yelled from the stands. Ehhh I might have yelled baby. The boys hate it but I don’t care. Second kid up to bat hits a line drive straight to Barrett and he catches it! I’m jumping up and down in the stands yelling now! The grin on his face stretches ear to ear. There’s still one more out to get and the batter steps up to the plate. Barrett takes his ready stance and drops the smile because that’s not serious baseball. He can’t keep the straight face long because the smile is slowly creeping over the serious mask he put on. That’s my favorite. He deserves to be proud of himself. He only got up to bat twice that game and the first time he was walked, the second time he got a hit but was tagged out on first. 

His coach approached me and said he thought Barrett does really well when he puts him in positions he has never played before like when he let him pitch the other week. He only let three runs through and struck two out which wasn’t bad for his first time. We were so nervous before that game we prayed and we don’t normally do that. Before we got out of the car this game I thought “Lets pray again!”. I’d argue with the coach that it’s not tossing him in different positions but the prayers we said before we got out of the car. We’ll have to make it a habit because both boys had good nights just in different ways.

It’s not just the boys that are learning things during baseball season. I’ve learned some things too. For instance, my boys don’t like me yelling “Good job BABY!!” across the field and Barrett doesn’t like it when I yell across the field at him to put his prescription glasses on. I have no intention of changing my ways. I also learned I let my fellow baseball moms across the nation down by drinking water at the games. 

I’m pretty mouthy without alcohol so I might sill refrain. 

Off to another game! 

Xoxo Me

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