The Candy Stash

Our first week in Valdez and we made it just in time for the Gold Rush Days parade. The boys got to ride in the police car with Scott, tossing out candy while I managed the shaved ice hut. Somehow even being in the parade they managed to collect three grocery sacks of candy. WTH! I think the local dentist was trying to drum up business. My kids were CRACKED OUT!

It didn’t take long before the “No more candy” rule came into effect. It didn’t take much longer for the youngest to break the rule and lose his bag of candy. He tried the ole, “but dad said no more candy at the parade, not when we got home.” Nice try. One bag in the trash.

Four days later the same child was caught stealing candy so the second bag went in the trash but not before I ate the milk duds. Let’s not be too crazy here. I shouldn’t suffer for their actions.

Six days later I happen to walk into the currently vacant bedroom to find the same five year old looking guilty. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing” he wipes his mouth.
“Come here.” He walks away. Ohhhhh dude. BIG mistake!
“Let me smell your breath.” He continues to circle the room opposite of me.
“Stop now!” I demanded in my threatening mom voice. He stands still and I approach him.
“Let me smell your breath.” He slowly parts his lips. I can smell the rainbow. Pure skittle mouth.
Kierran word vomits. “It’s Merrick’s! Merrick hid the candy! It’s his not mine!”
“Ok, where is it?”
“Right here.” He opens the dress up bin and pulls out candy and wrappers. I directed him to throw it all in the trash.
We walk downstairs and I inform the children I found their stash. Merrick is clueless, “What stash? A stash of what?” Barrett knows immediately, “It’s mine mom. The candy was mine. I put it there.”
(OMG I’M SO PROUD!!) Snap out of it Melissa! He’s being naughty!!
“Ok, there will be NO sweets of any kind for the rest of the month. For any of you. No dessert, no donuts, no gum!”
There were no complaints at all. Even when I told them that went for the trip to the state fair in a couple weeks.

I’ve often threatened a sugar detox but never gone through with it. Here we go! I’ll keep you posted. This could get UGLY!

*UPDATE- The relentless asking got old quick but the kids settled into a no dessert mode. I caught one with gum once but there were no complaints when I held my hand out to collect it. Over all it wasn’t too bad.

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