Settling In

We are still settling into our new town and home. We have boxes that won’t be unpacked for a while but we have the necessities out and sort-of put away.

Shortly after we moved into the Snowflake house we realized how much work we were going to need to do. We assumed we’d have a little fixing up but after living in the house for a few days the extent of the work needing to be done began to reveal itself. The weight of home repairs is slightly overwhelming when you don’t have much experience.

Months and months ago Scott told me he’d like to try and flip a house. I shot him down instantly without a moments hesitation because we tiled our small bathroom floors a few months prior in the Sharptail house and he threatened to quit once and said how much he hated home improvements numerous times. That task was nothing compared to what needs to be done on most foreclosures that people purchase to flip. Inadvertently, Scott got a his request in the Snowflake house. We are both in over our heads and I imagine there will many YouTube videos watched and friends called upon.

Day two in the house Scott tried fixing the gas range and ended up discovering pieces of the stove top were corroded and needed to be replaced. The 10 year old stove was retired when the cost to fix the stove came too close to the price of a new range. WIN!!!

She’s so pretty!! I’ve always wanted a gas range. We purchased a stove online at and when we arrived to pick it up we saw some of the features weren’t as cool in person as it seemed online. Then we saw this baby. Best part was this stove was on sale for the exact price of the other stove. Another WIN!!

On day three in the Snowflake house I tried using the dishwasher. I opened the door to the appliance and discovered rusted racks and the evil coil heating element!!! I’ve lost many plastic containers to that monstrosity in the past BUT rather than hand wash dishes I took my chances and loaded that old lady up. 😳 It was the LOUDEST appliance I’ve heard. A wicked smile crossed my face because I knew as soon as Scott walked in the door from work it would catch his attention and I’d get a new dishwasher. It played out just that way. My new washer will arrive in a couple weeks.

Scott installed the window shades, ceiling paint is ready to be applied, new paint will be purchased next week and then I’ll start knocking out the boys rooms one by one. All awhile Scott and I will tackle the master bathroom. We discovered the tile was laid directly to the sub floor which explains why it’s popping out of the grout. The shower head leaks and the shower stall does as well. There is water damage on the drywall around the shower stall so we imagine there is more damage to be revealed when we rip it out AND we were right. Scott took the shower out today and texted me photos of the mold on the sub floor. BOOOOO!

There is a large jacuzzi tub in the master bath which I thought was fancy but we run out of hot water before it’s filled up beyond the jets (eye roll). Well that’s no use!

The upstairs bathroom has similar issues. Tile on the sub floor, the tub leaks…sigh. One room at a time. I’ll continue to keep you posted on our home remodel projects with commentary and photos. I have a feeling there will be some good stories ahead.

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