Lint Licker!

I’ve been lusting after a dryer vent cleaner for a while now. A few years ago a friends dryer caught on fire due to the amount of lint in the trap which made me a little paranoid. Sadly it’s been that item in the amazon cart that keeps getting saved for later. During this last amazon purchase I threw it back in the basket. When Scott went to hit the purchase button he questioned my item. I almost relented but stopped myself and said, “No! Buy it.”

My new toy arrived in the mail and I was so excited to use it. This is the one I bought, the LintEater Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System. I didn’t get much out of the dryer itself but a lot out of the hose.

My assistant for the day even offered a helping hand.

YUCK! The grass was from me grabbing the lint off the ground but the rest is from the hose. The house we moved into is about 10 years old and if there was a good time to clean out a lint trap it’s when you move in to a “new to you” home.

My lint build up wasn’t as bad as some of the photos on the packaged box or posted by others on the amazon page but I’m still happy with the product and happy to have clean dryer vents. I think I’ll try to clean the fridge coils now!

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