First Day of School 2017

This day did not go as planned. I wasn’t prepared for the morning routine and in hind sight I should have had a mock trial run the day before. The drive time, the earlier start time…ugh. There was lots of yelling and hurrying going on. Certainly not the normal first day of school routine we are used to. I even forgot to take pictures before we left the house.

Barrett started 6th grade – middle school!!

Merrick started 3rd grade!

And Kierran was home alone with mom. After dropping off the boys he said, “Now what am I supposed to do without my brothers?”

Gratefully, he started Kindergarten the next week!

I was a wreck! Saying good bye to him I was really crying. I tried to hold it in for fear he’d cry but I couldn’t hold it in. Kierran was so good to me. He said, “Mom, give me a butterfly kiss. Now give me a bubble kiss (we blow up our mouths with air and kiss). Now Hugga Mugga” (rub our noses together like a bunny kiss). I then ran and hid in the bathroom to chill out for a bit before I joined the other parents at the Boo Hoo Breakfast. After the school sponsored breakfast I went out with another friend who orchestrated a Beers and Tears breakfast at a local restaurant. I got to meet some local peeps and have BREAKFAST!!

Then to celebrate having no kids in my house for 7 hours M-F (after 11 years of dreaming) I got a gym membership!

Cheers to a new chapter of mommy hood!!

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