Growing up and living in Fairbanks I expected moose to be around. After 30+ years it never got old seeing them. If possible I’d pull over to take some pictures or just watch them from the living room windows. I always respected the moose and never followed or crowded them. They can be dangerous if provoked but I never felt scared really. Here in Valdez there aren’t moose, they have bears and that scares me.

When I lived here for 4 years, 11 years ago, I never saw one bear and I was fine with that. Having been back now for almost 2 months I’ve seen 5 bears. The first one was running along the tree line and I said “Look at the doooo…that’s a bear!!” Next time a mom and baby ran across the road one vehicle in front of me and the last time Scott and I were headed home from dropping off the boys at school and these two biggies were hanging out by the side of the road.

A lot like the moose in Fairbanks, seeing these creatures won’t get old. I’m just scared! These are bears!!

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