Living Room is Painted!

Yeah!! After being trapped in scaffolding for three days the living room is painted!

I was really nervous day one but come day two I was scaling the scaffolding like a pro. Then I fell. I’m alright but there isn’t anything better than a good 5-6’ fall to smack some fear back into a person. Respect the scaffolding!

Scott got the scaffolding set up for me with a little help from ground support. The next morning I was ready to go.

My helper was a better napper.

The priming was possibly the worst part.

I was trying to get the heavy bucket up the ladder and very quickly I realized I was not strong enough to get it past the first landing. I tied a nice knot and decided to pull the bucket up.

I DID IT! No mess to clean up!

Below is a photo of the ceiling completed with paint.

I had to retire my painting clothes this time. They’ve seen their best days. I have another set of holey jeans and ratty shirt waiting to take their place.

Above are some shots I took of the almost completed living room. Scott started on the bathrooms so I’m not sure when the living room will be 100% complete. Everything left is just little stuff so I’m not too worried.

After completing the living room I’m having difficulty motivating myself to keep going. I want to take a few days to nap on my couch and stare at one finished project. Maybe then I’ll be motivated to keep going.

Bathroom update coming soon.