Happy Halloween 2017

So whatcha whatcha want!?

Beastie Boys toured Valdez today!! Their biggest fan (that’d be me) followed them around town with a speaker blaring tunes. It was by far the best Halloween we’ve had in Alaska….ever! 46 ABOVE ZERO! No snow pants, no hats and gloves!! It was great!

Businesses around town decorated and handed out candy. It was great to get out of school, go trick or treating then head home for dinner. I’m not sure how much dinner will be consumed because on the way home I heard, “I think I’m going to puke.” Sweet! Halloween complete! If there is one word to signal Halloween night to be over I’d say that word is “puke”. Gratefully no one has puked…yet.

We did pumpkins this year. Below is Barrett’s.


And Kierran’s

Scott had a great idea for a pumpkin but didn’t have a chance to carve it. I ended up doing it for him and it turned out just ok. Maybe next year he’ll attempt it again so I won’t ruin the surprise by showing you a picture of my lame version.

Barrett is taking Home Ec in school and started the sewing portion. Today he brought home his Halloween pillow case!

He did such an amazing job!! I am so proud of him!