Middle Tennessee

I have family I’ve never met (as an adult, being 3 years old doesn’t count) in middle Tennessee! I have family in Defeated Creek, Smyrna, Lebanon, Watertown, Pleasant Shade and Carthage. Phew! My mom took me on a trip back to Tennessee to meet everyone and to check out the Nashville area. It was a wonderful trip!

The first day we ventured around downtown Nashville. Our first stop was at the GooGoo shop for some Christmas stocking stuffers. There were a lot of tourist shops, bars, live music, good eats and as the sun set very lively people. We walked around for hours but still felt like we did nothing (except eat). We have another list of to do’s for the next trip.

We drove all over middle Tennessee visiting family, touring antique shops and checking out family farms. I saw my moms old stomping grounds when she was young, the house my grandfather built and cafes my grandmother worked at as a young girl. It was really great.

I️ got to try a classic burger joint too!

s introduced to a few Tennessee food's like Allen's beans, fried apples, Dales sauce (sort of like soy sauce and worcestershire sauce) and had enough biscuits to last me a while. I even had cousin Steve's homemade whisky. I wasn't able to really appreciate it since I'm not a big whisky fan and I was driving his parents home that night. I could taste the difference between his whisky and the expensive store bought kind and even being untrained I knew his tasted better.

Before we arrived at Steve’s for dinner and the whisky tasting we almost encountered a tornado. I was excited!! I’ve never seen one or been near one before. It was dark out so I️ couldn’t see anything but the rain was flying sideways and my mom was freaking out. “Melissa Irene stop! We do not want to see a tornado!” We were driving toward her cousin Steve’s in Watertown where the tornado was heading. I was texting with him to make sure we were ok to keep coming his ways when our phones toned out like the radio does during the emergency tests. Then a text appeared on our screens that read “Tornado has touched down near you. Take cover”. Ok, point taken. My heart rate picked up a bit. We made it to Steve’s place just fine.

A couple days later Uncle Billy (my Grandpa Brown’s brother) asked me to cut his hair. I was honored too! Aunt Jean and Uncle Billy let us stay with them and were the most gracious hosts. It was the least I️ could do.

The day I left I️ got to meet a Tennessee meth head. She knocked on my Aunt and Uncle’s door asking for Tylenol. She tried saying the scabs on her face were from lymphoma that she’s supposedly had for 8 years now and her teeth feel out from the chemo. She rambled on for what seemed like forever. Nice try. My Aunt handed her 5 Advil. I guess she comes knocking on their door once every few months. I gave them the talk I️ knew Scott would have given them had he been there. I hope they take it to heart and refuse to open the door next time.

I really had a wonderful time and I was sad to leave. However, I️ was super happy when I saw my mom upgraded me to premium class on the way home! Leg room for miles and free beer!!

It was a great vacation but also great to get home. It is cold here but nice to be back with Scott and the boys. There will be a future trip to TN. Even if Scott is kicking and screaming!

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