Someone is Having a Worse Day Than Us

Today as we drove the truck to pick the boys up from school a small flock of little red birds flew in front of our truck. One, possibly two birds didn’t make it. We had a stop to make before picking the boys up so we planned to pluck out any remains preventing an full fledge investigation and funeral ceremony by our boys.

We forgot to check.

We pulled up to the curb at parent pick up and saw a gaggle of boys approaching the truck. Merrick was in the group and struggling with his gingerbread creation so I hopped out to help him just in time to hear a boy declare, “There’s a bird in your truck!”

Shit. Sure enough one lonely, crippled, dead bird squished into the grill of the truck.

“Look! It’s still alive!”

“It’s eyes are moving!”


One of the boys aka the lead investigator reached up to touch its beak. Scott’s giving me the “Lets Go!” Look and I mouth to him, “The damn bird!” His face says “Oh eff!”

“Boys come on, leave it alone. When I get home I’ll pull it out and give it a funeral.” The lead boy starts poking its beak.

Merrick was done and got in the truck. The lead investigator was determined to free the bird and started grabbing at it with his gloved hands.

“Hey, stop! Just leave it and..” he freed it. A limp dead bird lay in his hands.

“Cool! I’m going to take him home!” The other boys walked off no longer interested. A few girls screeched and the lead investigator walked off proudly with his prize.

I open the door and Scott says,” What’s the deal?”

“That boy took the bird!”

“He took the bird!?!”

You know what, I told that kid to stop not once but twice and he didn’t listen. So to the parents who’s son just rolled up from school with a dead bird I’m glad your son saved me from a funeral tonight. You’re probably having a worse day than me. Best of luck with any mites, fleas, rabies or bird flu your son has contracted!

Out of The Mouth of Kids

Most days when I sit on the couch and cuddle with one of the boys Linus, the dog, gets super jealous and jumps into the cuddle pushing the kid aside. It makes me laugh though it does result in a struggle between kid and dog but I don’t mind being fought over. As we’re getting ready for school on Friday I asked Scott if that ever happens to him. He says no because the dog respects him. He’s strict with the dog and kids and they know he’s serious. Kierran interjects with “You mean grumpy?”

I laughed so hard and loud Scott’s continued argument went unheard.