First Communion

Kierran and Merrick both took communion for the first time today in church. I was somewhat prepared for Merrick because we’ve talked about it a bit. Before the kids partook in it I really want them to understand what it symbolizes. Merrick gets it, I think, so I let him take part. Kierran however…he’s probably just looking for a snack. He went to take a small cracker and I held his hand down which meant in kid terms, just use your other hand. He reached in with his left hand and took a 1/4 inch, pale cracker. Hmmm well rolling with the punches I asked Scott to speak with him about it quickly in hopes he’d understood a little. After the prayer we placed the cracker in our mouths. I looked over at Kierran who had a funny look on his face and said,” That biscuit was NOT good.”

Then the tiny cups of grape juice were passed around. Very carefully Merrick took a small cup as our friend Leslie held the large platter for him. I took it from Leslie and passed it to Scott. At this point do we tell Kierran no? I know he won’t have a complaint about the taste this time so we let him finish it out. We sat there silently listening to the prayer and I hear a crack and feel drops of wetness on my hand. I look over to see Merrick has cracked his cup in fourths. How strong do you think you need to hold the dainty, plastic Barbie cup son! I took the broke cup, gave Merrick my intact cup and Leslie grabbed paper towels to wipe up the symbolic blood of Christ that splattered around us. Mercy, I should be Catholic so I could get a swig of wine out of this!

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