Christmas Season Follies

Merrick: “Mom, I think I finally know what it’s like having a little brother. It’s fun! I want to hang out with him more!”

Me: with suspicion in my voice, “That’s nice Merrick.”

Merrick: glancing at the elf on the shelf “Do you think Usick heard me?”

Me: ahh, there it is

While decorating gingerbread houses a few days later…

Kierran: My house looks nicer than Merricks

Me: Kierran, some things we think need to stay in our heads because we’ll hurt other people’s feelings. Say something nice and just keep the other stuff in your head.

Kierran: (You can see the mental wheels are turning) Merrick, your house looks nice…

Merrick: Mom! I already know what he’s saying in his head!

Kierran: (shrugs his shoulders as a weak gesture) I tried.

The two younger boys had a Christmas concert! Merrick had a speaking role and did great!

In preparation for the concert Merrick snuck into mine and Scott’s bathroom and tried his hand at shaving 🙄

A community member and friend took nice photos of the concert. In all of Merrick’s pictures he had his monkey mask on so it wasn’t worth trying to explain which monkey he was though his mask was defiantly the best looking one!

The elf made his appearance again this year and stuck stickers to the dining room table. His assistant stuck a sticker to the table the night before and saw that it peeled off very nicely without residue so she helped the elf to cover the table. BIG MISTAKE! What the assistant failed to realize is that a sticker that is stuck for 10 seconds comes off easily. A sticker stuck for 12 hours does not. Total backfire! I threatened to remove a few stitches from the elf that day.

On Christmas Eve Merrick sang The First Noel with his music teacher at the evening service. He did so amazing! Many people complimented him after the service but the biggest compliment came from his teacher who said,” was hard to sing while crying. His voice was just… You did a great job Merrick.”

I wish I could post the video. He really did amazing.

Everyone here had a great holiday filled with memories, play time and even a surprise family visit from Grandma Duffield!

I hope you had a beautiful holiday filled with love and family!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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