Valentine Love

I opened Merrick’s lunch box the other day and found a dollar bill. I did what any parent would do and put it in my pocket, it probably came from my purse anyway. Later that evening he opened his box and saw the dollar was missing so he says, “Where’s my dollar!” I pulled it out of my pocket and he snatched it and explained to me the money is for a friend who wants to buy a tootsie pop valentine. The school is selling valentines as a fundraiser. Personally I think a dollar is pretty steep for a heart cutout and a tootsi pop! Anyway, I saw through the ‘friend’ crap immediately. My mind quickly scanned his friends and like a slot machine rolling through matches I landed on the million dollar prize!! “Are you going to buy a valentine for Parker?” His face turned as red as an apple!!! I started clapping my hands and jumping up and down. EEEEEEEEEEEE!!

“MOM!!!” He yells, totally annoyed at my enthusiasm. He asks me what he should write on the Valentine and I tell him my idea about a secret admirer and he says “I was thinking about writing ‘I’m ready’”

Scott and my eyes bulged out of our sockets! “WHAT!?! NO! Ready for what” I said a little too loud. His response was, “To dance, you know!! Not to kiss her!!”

Ohhhh, I get it. Merrick and Parker love playing Dance Revolution on the Wii. He was thinking of challenging her to a dance off but my mind was in the gutter and hopefully about 15 years into the future.

I quickly texted Parker’s Mom and filled her in. We had a good laugh. She thought she had to keep an eye out for her two high school girls but it turns out she needs to keep watch over her 2nd grader!


Caribbean Cruise

Scott and I went on a kid free vacation and cruise with two friends last month. My dad flew up to Alaska and stayed with the boys and got in some great grandkid time. The boys were so excited to see grandpa they didn’t care much when we left. Matter-in-fact when we returned and my dad left Barrett said it was easier to see us leave then it was saying goodbye to grandpa.

Scott and I went to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. We traveled and stayed on a huge ship named the Carnival Vista. There was lots of good entertainment, beer, food and of course 24 hour SOFT SERVE ICE CREAM!!

We had a couple crappy days at sea so I’m not as tan as I would have liked but I appreciate the warmth we did have. The first morning on the cruise we woke to news about the earthquake in Alaska. Frantically we were trying to get tsunami updates and trying to get in contact with my dad. Gratefully, all was well.

Jamaica was our first stop. It was interesting and pretty but shady (not referring to the sunshine) enough where we all agreed we’d most likely not return.

(Ugh!! Of course I look horrible in this shot but everyone else is looking at the camera!!)

Next stop was Grand Cayman. We took a cab to a beach and camped out for most of the day. I got the most sun that day! I collected lots of nice sand and shells for a souvenir. Even though we were without the kids we talked about them a lot. “Merrick would like this, Barrett would love that, Kierran would go crazy if he saw this…”. You just can’t get away from those little buggers.

The next day we went to Cozumel, Mexico and I have no photos to share because we were too busy running around the town playing the Amazing Race Cozumel. It’s organized like the TV show The Amazing Race. It was a lot of fun and we WON! We got access to a lot of places around town to find clues, Scott and Nick had to snorkel for a clue and Sophia got a temporary tattoo. Nick was almost attacked by a dog! That wasn’t a part of the race though, just a bad coincidence. At the end of the race we finished at a restaurant and had some delicious nachos and well deserved cold beers!

The following day was a rough day at sea but we kept busy with entertainment and food. Coming home seemed to take forever! We woke up at 5am eastern time and didn’t get back to Alaska until 9pm AK time. That’s 20 hours of travel!! Ugh not to mention the 5 hour drive home the next day.

We then had a day and a half to hang out with my dad and hear the many ways my boys tricked their grandpa into doing thing Scott and I would have said no to. Overall we had a great time and decided to take the boys on a different cruise this December!