I Screwed Up, Big Time

In a few moments every woman who reads this will vote to remove my card of womanhood.

Within 20 minutes of the event my husband has already threatened me with blackmail so I’m taking the situation into my own hands.

Today while cleaning up after dinner I opened the dishwasher. It was a mess. Food chunks, liquid spills…ugh the smell! Left over from my oldest son “cleaning up” the day before; there were plates placed on top of one another, facing frontwards, facing backwards, red plastic plates mixed in with the white ceramic plates and cooking tongs placed in the cup area. Ugh! I heaved a heavy sigh. “Make him come over here and fix it.” Scott said.

Was it the beer I consumed during dinner or my instincts to stick up for my son? The world may never know but these words escaped my lips…”It’s fine. Just because it’s not my way doesn’t mean it’s not right.”


Scott’s eyes lit up like a 5 year old on Christmas morning.


I couldn’t even backtrack. He saved that moment in his hard drive and has already thrown it in my face. This sucks. Here is my womanhood card. Let me save you the request.