In One Area

In one area of my house a man is spinning sugar into cotton candy while a dog begs for scraps and one boy sits at a desk reluctantly typing a journal entry that was due a week ago. In the same area two other boys are cutting up very large boxes making them into vending machines and stocking them with items from our pantry begging passerby’s to place an order and I’m re reading an exert from a book for my class for the fourth time trying to stay awake this time and make sense of it. I bet there is only three out of the five getting anything accomplished tonight.

Update- a vending machine has been relocated to my room.

He sells chips, fig bars, fruit bars and apple sauce.

While placing my order the vending machine toppled over.

Never a dull moment. Never an assignment read 🙄


Scott is watching drum line videos with the younger two. Kierran was fascinated with the flag twirlers. He said that he’d be good at that! We don’t have any flags to throw around so he settled for a large pot and two wooden spoons. He banged around for a bit and decided he needed to change his spoons out for different ones. We put the wooden ones back and he opened the silverware drawer.

“What about these ones?” He asked holding up 2 large soup spoons.

“Sure, that works.”

“Oh wait! No, I want knives!”


“I’m doing this so I can make money Mom!”

He’s now banished to my bedroom because no one can tolerate his “music”