The Acting Bug

Late into the summer a friend told me about a 2 week acting camp that travels from Anchorage to Valdez every summer. It was expensive but it was 2 weeks, all day and Merrick has voiced a little interest in acting so we gave it a try. I’m sure we found Merrick’s gift.

They did acting games, voice warmups and auditioned for a part in the play Charlotte’s Web. Merrick wasn’t sure about Charlotte’s Web but when I told him he’d make a good Tempelton he became obsessed! His eye was set on the prize or being Templeton the rat and he got it! Along with Mr. Arable, Fern’s dad. They practiced their lines everyday and had costume fittings, stage practice and even learned the superstitions of the theatre. Merrick learned about stage props and how to do on stage combat or fake fighting.

There were two showings and I attended both. We went Friday as a family and Saturday my mom and Brian came to town to watch. He did such a great job! We couldn’t have been more proud. We will definitely enroll him next year! It’s too bad there isn’t a kids theatre here during the winter but I have a feeling he’ll continue to practice his acting. Like this morning when Merrick tried to convince Linus he was hurt and was yipping. Linus wasn’t buying it. I told him Linus knew he was playing and he said, “Ok, I can do this. Mememememe. 6 O-clock, 6 O-clock.” (clears throat) then lays on the ground and starts whimpering. I’ll hold off looking for a condo in LA for now.

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