A Short Clip

In one of my classes we were asked to look for enriching words. Words that we come across but aren’t familiar with. The other day I heard a word while watching a show and sent it to my professor. She asked if I’d make a video of the word. I thought including my boys in the video would be fun.

I submitted my video and waited to hear from her. My professor emailed me and made me blush. She went on and on about how much she loved it and couldn’t stop smiling. So much so she asked to share it with 3 different classes and her colleagues.

Sadly, a few days later she emailed me back to let me know I had pronounced the word wrong. I was embarrassed. No more sharing that video with ANYONE. She emailed me back and had a straightforward conversation about how the video brings about our current times and mispronunciation of words because people hear them used less and construe them into more contemporary sounds. For instance I pronounced Vapid as Vay-pid rather than V-ah-pid. The pronunciation of vapid as Vay-pid makes sense because of vaping (the trendy douche flutes). In the end I chose to own my mistake and grow from it. Always check the pronunciation of a new word before recording a “Word of the Day” video assignment for class!

Here is the Word of the Day video.

One Less Believer

That young man right there found out about Santa the other day at school. If I remember correctly Barrett was in 4th grade also. He came home from school saying his friends said… blah blah blah. He persisted for a direct answer from me that night and then again the next morning so I wrote him a note in the journal that we keep together.

It was a beautifully written letter that I found on Pinterest. I changed some wording but stayed really close to the original author’s words. I handed him the journal to read after school but he couldn’t wait. I continued to get ready for the day and he walked into my bathroom and said, “I’m not even excited for Christmas now.”

My eyes go wide. Oh My Gaaaaaaash!!!!!!

He continues, “You bought the snow board? What about my stocking? Was that you too? How are you so quiet? You’re always loud in the mornings!” I answered his questions as gently as I could. Then he says, “Does Kierran know?”

I know my son well enough to know he wasn’t asking for any reason other than to pop Kierran’s bubble since his was popped. I had to put a little stern in my voice to make sure I made my point clear. “Barrett has know for a few years now and he played along for you and Kierran. Now it’s your responsibility to play along for Kierran.”

It took him another day to really put it all together. We were driving in the car and in the center console Barrett left a small case of two teeth he had removed at the dentist a couple days earlier. He had the tooth case is his hand and he looked at me and too loudly says, “THE TOOTH FAIRY!”

“Merrick, hush. We can talk later.”

In a more quieter voice he asks, “Are you the tooth fairy?” I don’t say anything. I just smile at him.

“Oh my gosh Mom! The leprechauns?!” I don’t say anything. I just smile at him.

“USICK!!”, he’s our Elf on the Shelf. Again, I don’t say anything. I just smile at him.


“Merrick, hush. Let’s talk when we are alone.”

“You can’t be the Tooth Fairy. You can’t write as good as he can.”

For the love of Pete!!!

Scott threw away an old tooth of Barrett’s he must have found in his drawer. The tooth was in a baggie. Merrick found it in the trash and hid it in his room under his pillow. I told him other people’s teeth won’t work. He’s really sticking with me not being the tooth fairy. Oh well. It’s fun to still believe. I wish I still believed in a fairy that left me money under my pillow.

My heart aches for my middle child. It’s tough getting older. I wish the magic of make believe could have stayed a little longer for him.