Oh Merrick

Merrick is a character. He’s a squirrel, he’s a rat, he’s a boy with an enormous imagination. He loves food. His life revolves around the next meal. He will eat dinner and ask about breakfast. In his school lunches he packs food like he’ll be gone for a week. I think in another life he might have been starved.

Today while driving to school I listened to the older boys discuss their plans to spend their summer earnings from working the shaved ice hut. They were talking about kayaks. Barrett told Merrick he had enough money saved up for an inexpensive kayak. Merrick asks, “Is it the kayak with the food pouch?” Barrett look confused and asked him, “What do you mean a food pouch?”

“You know. The kayak that has the food compartment.”

“No, you don’t have enough for that one.”

“Oh, well then I don’t want it.”

Is that really a determining factor for purchasing a kayak? It is if you’re a skinny tooth pick boy named Merrick.

We dropped Barrett off at school and Merrick changed subjects without a moments hesitation. Now we’re talking about him becoming an actor.

This kid! He’s a character!

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