A Short Clip

In one of my classes we were asked to look for enriching words. Words that we come across but aren’t familiar with. The other day I heard a word while watching a show and sent it to my professor. She asked if I’d make a video of the word. I thought including my boys in the video would be fun.

I submitted my video and waited to hear from her. My professor emailed me and made me blush. She went on and on about how much she loved it and couldn’t stop smiling. So much so she asked to share it with 3 different classes and her colleagues.

Sadly, a few days later she emailed me back to let me know I had pronounced the word wrong. I was embarrassed. No more sharing that video with ANYONE. She emailed me back and had a straightforward conversation about how the video brings about our current times and mispronunciation of words because people hear them used less and construe them into more contemporary sounds. For instance I pronounced Vapid as Vay-pid rather than V-ah-pid. The pronunciation of vapid as Vay-pid makes sense because of vaping (the trendy douche flutes). In the end I chose to own my mistake and grow from it. Always check the pronunciation of a new word before recording a “Word of the Day” video assignment for class!

Here is the Word of the Day video.

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