Baller, Shot Caller

Merrick started playing basketball this year and he’s actually pretty good!

It all started when he was hanging out with a friend and I was late picking him up from the house. I got a text from my friend saying the boys were at the elementary school because her son had basketball practice. When I arrived (2 min later) I couldn’t find Merrick. The coach yelled at me, “Why isn’t this kid on my team?!”

In my defense I tried to get him to play but he said no. I plead my case to the coach and Merrick yells from the line, “I want to play since I’m good!”

It was a short, great season. Mom had to learn how to take basketball stats and run the clock and I had a lesson in tongue biting. That was the hardest lesson. There was blood.

He was good at shooting, guarding and he even nailed some free throws!

He’s signed up for the next season which starts in January so expect more pictures!!

One thought on “Baller, Shot Caller

  1. Good for him!!! I will be watching for more posts about his progress~~love you all and have a wonderful Christmas!!

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