A “Tail” About a Squirrel

We have a squirrel problem at our current house. The little rats chewed up my bird house and I find their loud chirping annoying. They’ve chewed out the arms of my camp chairs for their crappy homes and they terrorize my dog. Scott gave the boys the OK to fire at will.

The other week Barrett had good aim and knocked one off. He’s been watching an outdoor show called Meat Eater so he decided to try his hand at skinning the squirrel.

I guess he did a decent job. It was hard to tell as I was yelling at him to get it outside while he bragged about his skills holding the thing by the tail in my entryway. Merrick wanted to dissect the animal. Needless to say they had a mess to clean up and the dead squirrel carcass was tossed into the outside garbage can. At least that is what I thought.

Merrick made Barrett mad a few days later so he decided to tattle that Merrick had the squirrel tail hanging in his bedroom to make a tie out of. No doubt he was inspired by his favorite movie Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Barrett ran upstairs and found it right away pinned to Merrick’s bulletin board.

I’m at my wits end. At least I think I am and then, in a few months, my kids will push me to a new level I didn’t think was possible. (Shaking my head)

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