Where’s the Duct Tape?

I’ve gotten bad at taking time to write down our family happenings and I’m sorry about that. Not just for your enjoyment, but for the preservation of our memories.

Today I was texting with a friend who reminded me of some funny stuff this summer and I had to stop what I was doing and make the decision to write it out because Kierran is topping the charts with his antics as of late.

Earlier this summer Kierran had an eye injury. I’m sensitive about his eyes since he had his surgery so I didn’t hesitate to take him to Fairbanks to visit our most spectacular optometrist. We drove up on Friday and Damien came in on his day off to see Kierran on Saturday and again on Sunday. THEN, he made a point to see Kierran when he came to Valdez the following week for a fishing trip. Are we blessed or what?!?

His eye healed and all was well. Skip forward many weeks later and Barrett wants to go to the Prospector because there is a fishing gear sale happening. I’m heading upstairs to look at the women’s stuff and Kierran is wandering around. After 5 minutes or so I hear Kierran’s voice and wonder who he’s talking to. I peak over the balcony from above and see Kierran’s money pouch dumped out on to the counter, a counter checker standing in front of Kierran behind the counter and a man standing to Kierran’s left. I move closer to hear what’s going on. “Hmm, I’m not sure. That’s a knife.” WOAH! What is going on. The guy seems familiar and it registers with me that it’s our optometrist! From the balcony I say, “Damien?” Oh thank God.” I jog downstairs and get the scoop.

Kierran dumped his money pouch out on to the counter asking what he could buy. The boy had about $2.00 in coins. Damien saw him and thought he’d spot him a couple of bucks if he needed it. However, my seven year old’s eyes were focused on some high ticket, high probability of death types of items. Damien talked him out of a gun, knife and lighter. To top it all off when Damien asked where I was Kierran told him I was in the car. GOOD GRIEF! We scooped up his money and had a good laugh. I was just grateful I wasn’t really in the car and Damien got a great laugh out of it. He said it’s one of his favorite stories to tell but, hold on. We can top that.

Skip forward another couple of weeks and it’s time for our annual eye appointment. Scott and Barrett went hunting so just Kierran and I made the appointment. Merrick has been blessed with perfect vision. During the appointment Kierran starts talking about Batman and Joker. Damien ventures in to the land of superheroes and villains asking Kierran about Bane. Kierran doesn’t like Bane and chooses to focus on the Joker.

“I like the Joker better because he twists Batman’s nipples.”

WHAT!!! Damien and I are stunned to silence until laughter erupts. I manage to ask him what he’s talking about. He says in LEGO Batman the Joker twists Batman’s nipples. I’m so embarrassed. I can’t imagine what Damien is thinking of the shenanigans that happen in my house. Gratefully he has a great sense of humor.

I agree. I sure do!

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