Australia Day 12, 13 and 14

DAY 12:

We were supposed to wake up early to go watch the sun rise. I woke up at 4:50, but decided to fall back asleep. It worked out well since Scott didn’t sleep well last night. Today we were heading out to surf lessons for Scott and Barrett. Guess who decided he wanted to try as soon as we showed up? Too bad. He had many chances to change his mind. Dingbat.

I used the nice camera to take pictures of the surfers. They both did great! The instructor said they were both naturals. After the lesson we went exploring down the beach before heading home for lunch.

After lunch we relaxed for a bit then Scott and I went off to find a box for the boys boogie boards. When we returned the boys went swimming and I read my book until dinner. After dinner we went to our favorite gelato/sorbet shop for one last treat (we’ll be in Brisbane all day tomorrow until late).

Another wonderful day on the Gold Coast.

DAY 13:

Today I had plans to wake up early and watch the sunrise, but that didn’t happen. I woke early just not early enough. We left the house early because we were spending the day in Brisbane. We let the boys bring their devices again for the drive so the car was quiet until we heard clapping. I turned around to see Kierran applauding himself for passing a level in his game. No one seemed to notice. Scott and I just shook our heads.

On our trip we’ve noticed KFC is huge here! There are a lot of McDonalds, and Hungry Jacks (Burger King) but there is a tremendous amount of KFC’s.

When we got to Brisbane we parked in a garage and walked to Pancake Manor. It’s like an IHOP in an old church. Kierran asked for a food booklet. Lol, I guess he lost the word “menu”. The restaurant/church was really beautiful, but unkept. It could use some tidying and a good scrub.

He was pretty serious about his delicious hot chocolate.

The hot chocolate made him sleepy so why not eat laying down.

You could tip your favorite house so Merrick got to choose.

After breakfast we walked around a food market and an outdoor mall. The last of the boys’ money was burning holes in their shorts so we shopped until they got what they wanted. Mom and Dad even got a couple of neat things.

Then we walked across the Victoria Bridge to the Queensland Museum.

Inside the museum we visited the kids Spark Lab. There was a ton of hands on things for the boys and parents to enjoy.

After the museum we took the kids to Hungry Jacks. They say it doesn’t taste the same as Burger King.

After lunch we got an Uber to the stadium for our first cricket game, Sri Lanka vs Australia. We had no knowledge of the game so we didn’t know what to do with the KFC buckets and green signs that said 4 on one side and 6 on the other. We sat down and out of nowhere a lady asked if the kids would like their faces painted and interviewed on the big screen! Uhhh YES! If you have Instagram you can see the video I took of the interview.

By the end of the game we understood a little bit more about the game. There was no shortage of fireworks, colored gas and flames! We didn’t get to stay for the whole game because we had an hour and a half drive back to the condo and a very early morning ahead of us.

DAY 14:

Holy smokes 4am is early. Up, showered, packed and ready to go. We headed out to the airport. Leaving a space you’ve been in for two weeks is weird and makes me feel like I’m forgetting something. Even walking away from the rental car felt weird.

Once we were on the plane the boys were invited to trick or treat in the galley. Halloween is just starting to catch on in Australia so the flight attendants were eager to treat the only kids on the flight. The attendants set up a cute display with ghosts, pumpkins and candy. Our boys gratefully ate all they had.

Flying back in time is weird. We left early morning on the 31st and arrived in LA early morning on the 31st after being in the air for 12 hours. Explaining that in a way so children can wrap their heads around it causes achy eyes and heads.

We are all exhausted, but have two flights ahead of us until we are back in AK.

Australia Day 10 and 11

I rearranged the condo we are renting On day 2. The original set up was awful. When we walked into the front door we walked straight into the dining room table. If we tried to sit and eat, one person would be left out because the table was pushed against the wall leaving 4 seats open. The couches were arranged so we couldn’t see the TV and all the walkways were blocked with random side tables and chairs. I had enough. Scott was out BBQ’ing (the BBQ’s at this resort is like cooking on a stove top not a grill) and I pushed furniture around until it made sense. I created an entry and a living area/dining where everyone can sit and see the TV if need be.

Where you see the small, white hall table…that’s where the dining table was. That’s Merrick being a turd because we are doing math homework. Now, my dream is the owner will love the new arrangement. Odds are, she won’t and I should probably move it back before we leave. Hmmm, am I feeling lucky?

Today we didn’t have plans so we decided to do surf lessons. Mr. Snowboarder, Merrick, said no lessons for him. Weird. Barrett and Scott will have lessons on Tuesday but Kierran scored lessons today! We got ready and took off for Currumbin Beach.

It was a hot and sunny day today. It reached 85 degrees! The water was freezing however. The beach where the lessons were was not swim friendly. The undertow was really bad. While Kierran surfed, Merr and Barre played in the water and sunbathed.

Kierran was doing so well! He got up on his board in the waves and road them in. We were so impressed. Scott got some good pictures on the nice camera that I’ll share later.

After an hour I saw my littlest man staggering toward me with his lip quivering. He’d had enough and was taking a break. The waves were over powering him and he was tired. Poor pup. He snuggled on a towel and warmed up while I read my book. Scott played with the older two in the surf.

I’m not one to whine in the heat, but I had enough today. After we returned Kierran’s board and rashie (rash guard) we packed up and left for home. We ate lunch, played in the pool, showered and went to the mall. Barrett has been eyeing these wooden sunnies (sunglasses) since we got here and decided to make the purchase. The mall here is FAN-CEE! Stores that I can’t walk into for fear of being Pretty Woman’d. We stuck to what we knew and made a few purchases.

I am in absolute love with the way people dress here. Everything is so light and airy. The colors are muted or bright and cheery. Lots of linen and bare feet. Everything I want to buy I’d never be able to wear back home. BOOO

We returned home for a bit more homework and relaxation before dinner, an evening swim and bed. A very chill day.

DAY 11:

The boys (not Barrett) woke up at 6:30. I told Kierran to please go lay back down and see if he could go back to sleep. Fifteen minutes later he crawled back into my bed and said he went back to sleep with his eyes open while coloring. Scott and I rolled our eyes. “Wow, that’s talented.” I said with undetectable sarcasm. He responded, “Yeah, I’m talented.”

We had pancakes for breakfast and Scott took off for some errands so I did homework with the boys. When Scott returned we went to Sushi Train for lunch. The boys have been begging to go there and I was also eager because I’ve never been to one before.

Everyone loved their meal and it was the cheapest outing yet! Win, win!

Next was the cultural center. We found lots of information about the Gold Coast and some locally made crafts. We bought a few souvenirs and headed to the outlet malls. The boys had some money burning holes in their pockets and Merrick didn’t have much luck at the fancy mall so we were hoping for better luck this time.

We came home with some more souvenirs, a rugby jersey and two didgeridoos. Good luck all around. Scott didn’t get the romper. Too bad huh!? I told him it didn’t look half bad.

We came home and made dinner. After dinner the boys wanted to go swimming, but the pool was full of unsupervised teens who were being too vulgar for me and my crew so we watched a few episodes of Bondi Beach, Friends and The Amazing Race Australia. Tomorrow is our last beach day so it should be a good one!