Australia: Day 1 and 2

DAY 1:

Our first rental car didn’t work.

That wasn’t even all our bags. Scott went back inside and got a Toyota Kluger (Highlander) which ironically translates as smart. Recall from the previous post we drove into oncoming traffic before leaving the lot.

We went straight from the airport to the beach. I got pictures of the boys first experience with real sand and ocean waves and a lot of videos of Kierran excited for a wave then running away scared.

After the beach we went to the store and bought Kangaroo kabobs. It’s what’s for dinner tonight. They were good! Barrett found vegemite at the condo so Merr, Barre and I tried it. I couldn’t stop gagging. No one enjoyed it. If you’re friends with Scot of FB you can watch the videos.

After dinner we plan to go to a craft market at the beach. Unfortunately, it was more of an As Seen on TV market. The best part was a cookie vendor who had a booth at both ends of the lane so we all got double the free cookie samples for dessert.

In the area of the crappy market we saw lots of people walking around some shops so we decided to have a look. In between the shops were these kids racing around on these stuffed animals. Kierran and Merrick wanted to ride them really bad so we told them they had to use their money to buy a ride. At that point Kierran dropped out but Merrick persisted. It was actually a great use of $13 for 15 minutes.

We played a family game of tag which was funny because the fox stuffie Merrick was riding went slow. It was all fun and games until Scott slipped in his flip flops and hit the ground. This maybe 5 year old boy said, “Uh oh! You have a broken daddy.”

Hahahahaha! Scott was fine, but it was a perfect ending since Merrick’s 15 minutes was up. We went home and even those who fell asleep in the car were out by 8 PM.

DAY 2:

Everyone slept through the night. Kierran was the early riser at 4 AM. His tummy was rumbly. I told him to go eat a banana. It’s now 5:52 AM and I haven’t seen or heard from him so he must be back asleep.

We were all up earlier than a normal for a Saturday because of the time change. Coffee, cereal and yogurt for breakfast until we got to the farmers market. Oh man!!! This was the type of market I was hoping for yesterday. Handmade crafts, teas, fruits and veggies. I bought a dress, we ate donuts, olives, locally brewed kombucha…. it was so awesome. Afterward we drove to Costco. Holy crap, the kids were about to find out how the Office of Children Services worked over seas.

Despite the kids driving us bonkers we had moments of realizing that we are in AUSTRALIA!!!

Costco was Costco. Nothing amazing just different brands. We are having a hard time finding paper towels in this area. We can see they exist in OZ but we have yet to find some. We are having some paper towel withdrawals. We ate a working man’s lunch at Costco and headed home.

Once we unloaded the car the boys dove into homework and then we headed to a different beach in Burleigh Head. The boys tried out their new boogie boards and Kierran found a treasure chest of shells for his new collection. We headed home around 5 PM, had dinner and headed to bed way earlier than a normal Saturday night.

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