Australia: Day 3 and 4

DAY 3:

We started the day with homework then ventured out to more farmers markets. We went to one with bulk foods, veggies and fruits then we went to another that was all homemade crafts. These crafts were amazing!! These people made the yarns, candles, pies and clothing. There was one shop that was all old American T-shirts. The shop was full! We found this funny. There was some beautiful jewelry and I would have loved to drop a couple hundred dollars. The dresses….sigh. So beautiful. I bought one 🙂

We were in the car a bit today and the arguing was painful. The boys were driving us nuts. Like drop off on a road and drive off nuts.

The boys were begging to go to the beach, but Scott was so worn out from the arguing he said no. We returned to the condo and the boys swam in the pool which has little thrill for them since they’ve experienced the ocean. After a beer and some alone time we were on board to taking the boys to the beach. We loaded up and walked down to the car when we met a guy who told us a lady just hit our car. WHAT THE FORK!!

She scraped off the paint and bent the plate. UGH!!! We got to call the local PD and file a report. The whole thing was on tape. The lady hit the car, left a note, started to drive away, but stopped and came back to remove the note. WHAT!?! The worst part of the whole ordeal is the fact that it’s a rental and those companies go for the jugular. I’ll keep you posted how this ends.

Needless to say, we did not make it to the beach. The boys went back to the pool, played a round of goofy golf, we ate dinner and played tennis, then called it a night.

DAY 4:

Everyone has been waking up around 5 AM. That’s early!! The upside is we get out of the house at a great time to make the most of the day. Today we went to the Tropical Fruit Farm.

We got to try lots of fruits. Scott and my favorite was the passion fruit. There was a purple plum that you can’t eat the skin, but the fruit was yum!! There was another fruit that had the consistency of egg yolk, but was so yummy!! Merrick was hoping to try Durian fruit or Jack fruit, but neither are in season. To make up for it the boys had a free-for-all with the macadamia nuts. Kierran’s short pockets were stuffed full.

We got to feed ducks, goats, sheep, cows, emu’s, kangaroos and chickens. Merrick thought he made a connection to one of the kangaroo’s.

At the end of the tour we bought some fruit to eat back home as well as a big bag of macadamia nuts. I bought avocados that were ridiculously cheap! Starving for a meal, we found a great place called Brothers cafe, restaurant and bar that was across from a beach. We had calamari for days! And it was cheap!!

The beach was Kingscliff. It was rougher than the others we’ve been to and the waves were rocking! Kierran got a boogie board, but had enough of it after eating sand a few times. He snuggled on the towel with me.

The boys buried themselves in sand. When I was trying to take their picture an Instagram couple were taking bikini butt shots in the background. UGH! Scott managed to get the shot without the couple in the background. Merrick was trying to break out of the sand to look at the photo session.

People keep assuming we’re Canadian. There must be something with living up North that makes us sound different from others in the US. The boys keep playing with an Australian accent. Kierran’s always slips into baby talk which has all of us baffled.

After dinner Scott drove us to a place called Lik Lik Lik. It’s a nearby gelato and sorbet shop. We had the most delicious passion fruit sorbet and salted lime! Another early bedtime made the night perfect.