Australia Day 7

Today we went to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.

We got to watch veterinarians helping animals. This guy was having his teeth checked.

We got to see koala’s and their babies!

Merrick got to hold a boa constrictor!

And I got to meet a Gruffalo!!!

While we ate lunch some pesky bird attacked us and spilled our drinks and food everywhere. We got our food replaced and Scott stood on duty while we ate.

Along with pesky bird were pesky lizards. They’d show up everywhere and were in the way.

We got to feed and pet some kangaroos

We got to meet King Julian!

We watched a bird show, an Aboriginal show, a reptile show and a sheep show. Merrick was selected as a helper for the sheep shearer. I’ll try and post the video on Instagram.

We learned that Ugg has a factory here in Brisbane. I sure wish their products were cheaper here, but I imagine that’s wishful thinking.

After the long day of walking and watching we treated the boys to an Australian slurpee. Maybe they taste different here?

They don’t.

We also made a stop at Black Hops Brewery. It was ok. I had a flight of different beers, but nothing tasted really good to me. We had another delicious dinner at the condo and a bit of homework rounded out our day.

We’ve been listening to a radio station 102.9 Hot Tomato. The radio here plays music with lyrics a bit more liberal than we are used to. Scott and I have overheard a few words that raised our eyebrows. Gratefully the boys were so busy arguing in the back they didn’t hear it. We haven’t heard a country station yet. I thought that was weird. I haven’t switched to the AM stations yet. Maybe that’s where they are.

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