Thanksgiving Eve

How’s your Thanksgiving Eve going? Mine resembles this sad comic strip.

What’s that thing in the pie you ask?


This sad comic was sent to me via bedroom paper airplane express. Lots of love and sorries attached.

Happy Thanksgiving from our insane family to your normal one. ❤️

Deep Thoughts, by Kierran

Merrick is forever changing subjects out of nowhere and asking deep questions that we aren’t prepared to answer. Kierran, however, is a simple child. As you will see after reading an excerpt from our conversation on the way to the basketball games.

In typical form Merrick says, “What if there’s no heaven and when we die there’s nothing?”

The car went silent.

He continues, “What if heaven isn’t real? I don’t want to die.” His speed quickens and voice sounds panicky, “I want to go to heaven. I want to live forever. I…”

Kierran interrupts, “I want to be an owl.”

The car went silent. Then laughter erupted.

“Where did that come from?”

“Why would you want to become an owl?”

He answered, “So I’d have good eyes and check things out.”

Simple. While Merrick, the philosopher, questions his beliefs and mortality, Kierran’s planning his next adventure. Keep planning son!