Drama King

My darling son, the drama king, was in full force yesterday. Yesterday was Merrick’s last elementary school Christmas concert. Not only was he in the band performance, he was in the 5th grade choir group and was an announcer of door prizes during the transitions. He really loves being involved and being in the spot light so it came to no surprise when he asked why Mrs. Bauman (the music teacher) gets all the attention after the show.

“Why does she get to bow and get all the flowers and applause? We did all the work.”

So I responded, “Well, at the beginning of the performance she told parents to congratulate their students for all their hard work. That’s her way of making sure you are rewarded for a job well done.”

“Do you have something to say to me then?” he asks.

“NOPE! I sure don’t!” In fact I had a ton of great things to say to him about how wonderful he was during each performance, but dang! Now I don’t want to give him any compliments. Eventually he figured it out and rephrased his question to, “How did I do today?”

He’s really a born performer. He had acting class after school and then we went to watch the middle school practice their play. He was in a trance as he watched the rehearsal. He clapped and congratulated the actors then turned to me and said he could have done it better. I have no doubt he could have with that ego. He’s eager to enter middle school and be a part of the drama club next year. I should probably warn them!

One thought on “Drama King

  1. I can sure see his Grandfather Mike in him with the performing, he has a gift for it too! He just has to learn to be gracious with accepting the accolades.. Love and miss you all~~~Have a wonderful Christmas!!

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