The Technology Teacher

As an elementary teacher I’ve learned that I’ll have to remind students about manners and behaviors like, “don’t put that in your mouth”, “no picking noses”, “don’t eat your boogers”, “don’t pull her hair”… but, since I’m not a homeroom teacher I assumed I’d be spared some of those things. What I’ve found as a technology teacher is that there’s a whole new bag of phrases and actions I have to keep in my bank like, “don’t eat your eye boogers” (hands down the worst thing I feel I’ve said. It seems worse than real boogers!) or “don’t lick the IPad!” You’d think that is something that wouldn’t need to be said but, let me remind you these are the same kids making eye contact with me while they eat nose and eye boogers.

“No thumb sucking”, “Your computer screen and keyboard are not Kleenex.” I mean cover your mouth when you cough! Just because you’re facing a screen doesn’t mean it’s your personal sneeze screen! Every class that comes through sneezes, drips snot, and coughs all over the keyboards so I wiped the keyboards down before the next class. On one day in particular there was one class that was the worst!!! The next day, the class of 18 was down to 10. No surprise there.

*Thinking back on all of this makes me shake my head. How in the world are we going to return to school in the fall?

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