Social Distancing Day…who knows?

I’m not sure what day we are on but I do know it’s week three so it’s safe to assume day 21-ish. Our Governor just announced schools will be closed for the remained of the school year. I understand why and I expected it but it hurts. We are doing good here and have started to fall into a productive routine. Scott is “essential” which I am both grateful and nervous about. We’ve created a plan for when he comes home from work and what will happen if he gets sick. It’s a weird thing to plan for but I’m not unfamiliar with it. With his career I have a lot of experience planning for the “what if”.

The boys are all doing well. The first two weeks brought about A LOT of excitement with electronic devices but this week the newness has died off and the kids are back to doing more normal-ish things. We’re not going to wrestling, basketball, or rifle practice but, they are going on walks, hunting, playing, making videos and stuff other than drowning themselves in devices. With school work Barrett has had the easiest transition and is pretty self sufficient. Merrick…sort of self sufficient but equally needy and Kierran requires more teaching and directing. I’m grateful my work at the school has died down so I’m able to help the kids and get a lot of projects taken care of at home. If there wasn’t 7 feet of snow on the ground I’d think it was summer vacation. Merrick has found a passion for movie making. Funny how he’s pretty needy when it comes to school work but VERY self motivated when it comes to learning the ins and outs of IMovie. I’ll share his movie on Facebook when he’s finished editing it. It sort of looks like they are practicing part 2 outside right now. Which leads me to another love of this weird time. The flexibility of it. Typically we eat breakfast after my walk and start school work but, today the boys ran outside to play. I’m not about to stop that. They’re getting along and not on a device. We’ll tackle school work later.

We’ve had a spa night and played some new games together. I’m going to try and do a hibachi grill dinner on my griddle. I’ll let you know how that goes. Scott and I discovered TikTok with help from Barrett and my cousin Misty. Dang, that is a huge time suck. If you thought Facebook was bad….wowza! But like all things the newness is dying out and I’m able to get more work done around the house and not glued to my screen laughing until 2 am!

We’ve been doing our best to keep busy and being active. I walk around 3 miles, Monday through Friday, in the mornings with a friend which has been really great. Linus has enjoyed long walks with Barrett every day. Well, I think he’s enjoying them. He’s either wishing we’d leave the dang house or happy about all the attention. I’m not sure. I’m a little worried that if school does start back up I’ll want to continue homeschooling. There are some pros and cons for sure but I’ve really enjoyed my morning walks, baking, playing games, and not driving back and forth for practices. I’m sure as things get back to normal I’ll love getting back into that routine. I miss the students a lot and I miss my friends and watching the kids practice their sports. I bet when things return to “normal” there will be a lot of differences to what we once knew.

Here are some photos of things we’ve been doing XOXO

Digging out our fire pit, Zoom meetings, mask making, cooking, tearing the kitchen out, finding long lost 4 wheeler keys, baking bread and figuring out the boys can Zoom with their friends and play Minecraft together AT THE SAME TIME!

2 thoughts on “Social Distancing Day…who knows?

  1. Sounds like you are making the most of this time that we are social distancing, and the kids will remember it forever, I feel sorry for the seniors because their final year of high school is ruined through no fault of their own, but it can’t be helped. I have been bored but it could have been worse!! At least we are all healthy!! Take care of yourselves and stay in touch~~Love you!!!

  2. I LOVE OUR WALKS, TOO! I didn’t know you had a blog! Now I’m stalking you and reading them all! LOL

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