A Snapshot of Parenthood

Tonight Kierran asked me if I’d like to meditate with him. He was dressed so cute in his robe with the waist rope tied around his head, I couldn’t say no. When I went to his room, where the class was held, he had towels laid out on the floor and meditation music playing while a fan was blowing in the back of the room. He walked me through different poses and stretches. When he asked me to go into “praying feet pose” I knew he meant butterfly. I thought that was incredibly funny and bit my tongue to stop from giggling. He instructed me to melt into the floor like a splatter of paint. That made perfect sense to me and I plan to share that with a friend of mine who instructs a weekly yoga class. At one point we both held onto a Pokemon coin in-between our fingers together. I started losing interest here. I wasn’t interested in Pokemon rituals. It didn’t matter that I was losing interest because Merrick walked in and wanted to switch our class to 80’s jazzercise. That class didn’t last long because Merrick couldn’t decide on music which became boring really quick. While searching for songs he stumbled upon a video of Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake. He asked if Ana was married. I said no. He asked if Justin was married. I said yes.

“Is she nice? Do you know her? Like a friend?”
“No, I don’t know her.”
“But, she’s pretty right?”
“Yeah, she’s very pretty.”
“Ok, that’s good.”


Can you see how life with kids goes through this story? It starts out peaceful and your thinking you’ve done good things as a parent, then you’re bored, then you’re not, then you’re bored again, and then you’re contemplating where you went wrong with your parenting skills!

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