Coping with COVID-19 in a Small Town: Family 0

Wednesday, June 24th at 2:30 AM Scott came home from work with a low grade fever, the chills and an achy body. He crawled into our bed, where I was laying, and fell asleep. The next day he wasn’t feeling any better so I mentioned those dreaded words, “Should we get you tested?”

2:30 PM, masked up, we arrive at the hospital for the test. Since Scott is a first responder he is given the rapid test, the three day test and a flu test.

5:00 PM his test results came back positive for the virus. I moved out of the bedroom and on to the couch. The doctor called to talk with Scott, so did Public Health. Public Health called to talk to me as well. Everyone was incredibly kind and compassionate which was much needed. No one wants to be the first resident in a small town with COVID-19. Especially when the city puts out a press release every time someone tests positive.

Thursday I was emailed documents and asked to track symptoms and temperatures for myself and the boys. Scott has a chart as well and an oximeter which was delivered by a friendly nurse. We were also given a new thermometer since the one we have is locked down with Scott. Tylenol and NyQuil are keeping his symptoms light enough for him to tolerate.

I took mine, Merrick and Kierran’s temperature and all was well. Barrett wasn’t awake. It was 10 AM on Thursday so I decide to wake him up only to find he has a sore throat and is achy. His temp was 98.7. He is now confined to his room. The doctor calls again, Public Health calls too and we make an appointment for Barrett to be tested. Since he’s not a first responder he gets the 3 day test. We should have the results on Monday.

I took our second temperature check this evening and the three of us are good. Barrett’s temp increased one degree, 99.7.

I made dinner tonight. My prisoners think the food is better than expected. Merrick asked to pray. I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’ve been cleaning nonstop to keep the rest of us healthy. What if we all get it? What if I get it and we have to rely on one of the younger boys to run the house? We’ve told our parents and a couple close friends. They are reaching out to help. It’s weird having two prisoners inside the house.

One thought on “Coping with COVID-19 in a Small Town: Family 0

  1. Ever since I read your post you and your family have been on my mind and in my heart. Please know that I am sending prayers of health, healing, patience, and whatever it takes to get you through this scary time. Be well, take care of yourself. Love to you and your sweet young men. 💚 Ingrid

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