Part 2-Coping with COVID-19 in a Small Town: Family 0

Barrett was tested and waiting for the results is hard. I prepped him for the test because I’m not sure how well he was going to take the stick thing being shoved so far up his nose. Scott was miserable. Maybe it’s because their symptoms were different, but Barrett’s test didn’t seem as bad.

Barrett hung around one friend a few days before Scott tested positive. As soon as Barrett said his throat hurt I called the family. Keeping our circle small was a great idea. Being up front and honest with the family was difficult but appreciated by the family.

Everyday Barrett’s temperature seems to rise by one degree. He’s isolated and I’m worried he’s struggling with it because he keeps asking to leave his room. A teenage boy who I beg to come out and socialize is tired of being in his room and wants to socialize.

The unknown is making me emotional. There is no rhyme or reason to this virus and we don’t know how each person will be affected. Scott keeps reading posts about the second week of COVID being the worst and people start to feel good but then they hit a wall. He’s nervous which makes me nervous. Overall, he’s starting to feel slightly better.

I had to clean off Scott’s police vehicle so the department can work on disinfecting it. I made a bucket of bleach water (I just read an article that said you should make it with room temp water. Making it with hot water decreases its disinfectant properties.) and wiped the doors and windows down. Public Health recommends letting an item sit for three days before using it but someone has it on authority that one of those ozone machines zaps the germs in 12 hours. I plug in an extension cord and an officer arrives to plug in the machine.

Every morning I take our temps and go through the list of symptoms; temperature, feverish, chills, cough, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, change in smell, change in taste, vomiting, and diarrhea.

It’s a weird feeling having two areas of the house off limits yet you’re caring for the people behind the doors. I approach the doors with a mask. Leave food and water outside the door. Spray the door down with Lysol. It’s almost like they’re not home but they are. We FaceTime a lot with them which really makes it feel like they aren’t home.

Merrick and Kierran miss their brother which is sweet. They love to deliver his food and make him special snacks. Of course they miss Scott too and do the same special stuff, but that’s to be expected.

Public Health calls every day for updates on everyone. They even asked about the dog. We’ve had to keep him away from Barrett and Scott which means he doesn’t get to lay in his two favorite beds. He’s stuck with me on the couch! I’m not sleeping well. It could be the light, the couch, anxiety or Lord knows what.

Word around town has started to spread. People we don’t know are posting things online demanding to know who we are. The city asked if they could do a press release naming us to calm the masses. No. It’s none of their business. If we were in contact with those people at any point they would have received a call from Public Health. It was also brought to our attention that one of Scott’s co-workers started naming Scott publicly. Trouble there is confidentiality when you work in law enforcement. It’s comforting to know they will be dealt with since someone they opened their mouths to reported it.

My dad said today that he wishes he were here to help take care of everyone. Me too though I wouldn’t let him in the house. I’d be afraid he would contract it. He swears he had it back in January, but I’m not sure if that makes you immune.

I’m going to have to rely on someone for groceries soon. That’s hard for me. I hope someone just messages me and says they are going to the store that way I don’t feel like I’m inconveniencing anyone by asking. Geez, it feels like it’s been a week already but we are only on day 4. All the bleaching, sanitizing, delivering meals and snacks is keeping my day busy.

We did receive a very special gift of berries, popcorn, cookies and supplies on our porch. It’s was nice to see how uplifting something like that can be. The boys had a little gift in there too which made them excited. Later in the evening a friend dropped off a bunch of greens from his garden. Another uplifting gift. My kitchen looks beautiful with a large bouquet of mint and we’ll get to eat fresh lettuce! I’ll keep in mind that any size gesture means A LOT when helping someone in the future. Drinks and spaghetti sauce, shower bombs and cookies! YUM

Scott is receiving calls from friends and public health. It’s nice that he’s kept busy though I’m certain he’s still bored. Word is certainly spreading because we are getting calls from people in Fairbanks that we didn’t tell. Scott asked me who all I’ve talked to, but besides my parents, sister and one friend in town I haven’t spoken to anyone.

Saturday morning – Barrett’s test came back positive.

5 thoughts on “Part 2-Coping with COVID-19 in a Small Town: Family 0

  1. So sad that you all had to go through this. Glad Scott is released, back on his feet. Hope Barrett is not having too hard of a time. You take care of you too. Praying that no additional flare ups occur. Thinking of you all ❤️

  2. Oh, Melissa I feel so sorry for all of you. Don’t know if Lisa shared with you that she believes she had it the beginning of March. They wouldn’t test her then because she didn’t fall into the risk category. It was the same that Brian put her in their bedroom for over a week. Steve and I are in the high risk group and very fortunate we are not in a big city. But for medical care and shopping we have to go to Reno which is a hot spot. Us old people stress more and with trying to sell our house to get closer to medical care, Steve still trying to recover from his three back surgeries in 5 days the end of Jan it is hard to keep the positive things in perspective. Keeping you all in our prayers and holding you up to be strong with God’s help.
    Love, Steve and Toni

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