Part 3-Coping with COVID-19 in a Small Town: Family 0

So, we’re kind of famous!

There we are!!!!

The best we can figure is Scott picked it up in Anchorage and since him and Barrett rode back together they shared their cooties. We’ve traveled before with no problems but you can’t really know which trip or which location will getcha. Scott has always been better at wearing his mask than me. I find it odd it’s not me sick right now.

With Barrett’s positive test I moved him into my room with Scott. The boys and I went outside, Barrett put his mask on and packed a bag. I told him to open his windows in his room and shut the door. I am going to let it sit for three days before I super clean it. He walked down to our room and shut the door. I came in first and disinfected behind him.

I’m glad Scott and him will be roomies. I’m not going to worry about Barrett’s mental health anymore. They can keep an eye on each other. Scott is going to be in charge of taking their temps and oxygen levels.

I’ve been tracking mine, Merrick and Kierran’s temperatures and symptoms for 5 days now. It feels like 11. Kierran had diarrhea the day before yesterday and I thought, “Shit. Here we go.” Gratefully it seems to be the result of too many fiber pills, strawberries or the watermelon. Other than that the three of us are good as gold!

I found the courage to ask a friend for groceries. It wasn’t bad just difficult (I cried) and she was more than grateful to do it. I decided to get cash also in case we need it, but now-a-days with Venmo type apps it’s easy to reimburse others. In the event I get sick and Merrick and Kierran are running the show, they’ll have cash to pay others for food.

We also got a special delivery from another friend. Things like this are helpful because it lightens the mood in the house. Especially when there are cookies and other stuff we normally don’t buy included.

I made a tray to deliver food on. Sure it’s one more thing to disinfect, but it makes me happy.

Sharing a bathroom with the younger boys isn’t fun. However, I get to notice things like who the real culprit is when it comes to not lifting the toilet seat and who uses the water pic THAT BELONGS TO THE OLDEST COVID CHILD! When I noticed that yesterday I calmly asked who used it and then reamed that child. “But I washed it first.” I guarantee you did a poor job. Eff, now we’ll have to just wait and see.

Hearing that our names are being spoken by people we don’t know in the grocery store is upsetting. That is the purest form of gossip in its evilest form. There were no good intentions there. I believe God gives us these opportunities to help us learn but that doesn’t mean it hurts less.

3 thoughts on “Part 3-Coping with COVID-19 in a Small Town: Family 0

  1. Oh, Melissa – I so wish I had known of this all as it happened so I could offer support then. After all that your family has done for me, it’s the least I could do. (I wouldn’t dare almost have a baby in anyone else’s car.)
    I’m so genuinely sorry your family has had to go through this and am thinking of you and your guys!

  2. Hopefully no one else will be ill or everyone will be back to normal soon. There are so many little things that one doesn’t even think about until something like this happens. Sending love and positive thoughts!

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