Part 4- Coping with COVID in a Small Town

Barrett’s fever came back today. He made it up to 100 when Scott gave him some Tylenol. It’s helping to keep him at 99 currently. It seems weird to me that a fever would go away and then come back after a day. Scott is feeling ok. He’s mostly congested right now. Neither of them can taste or smell anything. Today I gave them chips and salsa and they said it was like eating chunky water. Scott has been using essential oils and can’t smell those either. Both have good oxygen levels. They come on to the back deck to get some sunshine. It’s nice to see them in person while we talk from a distance.

We’ve chatted with a family member in Arizona who had COVID to compare symptoms and duration of certain symptoms. It’s interesting to hear how AZ is handling the situation. Obviously, their population is larger than AK so they don’t have the contact with dr’s and nurses like we do. They only quarantined for 10 days, not 14 as long as they had three days with no symptoms. They were able to leave the house without a negative COVID test and I’m almost certain we were told the boys had to test negative before we were released from quarantine (This turned out to be a misunderstanding on my part they do not have to test negative to be released.)

Our public health office called anyone we had contact with during the last 14 days to inform them of an exposure. Our family in AZ found out days later that a friend of theirs tested positive a day after the gathering they were at, but no one was called. We’re pretty lucky here in AK I think. We’ve done a good job at keeping our circle small so public health made maybe two phone calls, one for sure and the family already knew because I wanted to be completely transparent.

The rest of us are holding steady. Public Health called today to check in. She encouraged us to get out in the sun so the boys and I stuck to our property but enjoyed the sun. We played soccer, football, I sat in the sun and the boys played in the water. Scott even came out on to the back deck, which is off our bedroom, to get some sun. Barrett made a short appearance and went back inside to play online games with his friends.

We had a lot of visitors and special gifts today which was really uplifting. Bread, drinks, gas for our new mower, medicines, groceries, magazines, dinner, our new lawn mower, toys for the boys… not one gesture went unappreciated. We are grateful for it all.

Merrick learned how to mow the lawn. I’m sure it made Scott sad that his son got to use his new toy before he did. Our lawn was bad. Like jungle bad. Merrick did a great job and had fun along the way. Posing and acting out scenes as he mowed.

The two younger boys have been begging to sleep with me on the couch. So, tonight I let them have a movie and popcorn slumber party in the living room. They’re pretty excited.

Merrick would like me to add that he was very patient with Kierran today, which he was and it was appreciated because he has been quite rude lately.

Prayers for healing and healthy family tonight!

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