Part 6- Coping with COVID

Today Barrett’s fever came back. Kierran’s fever was present in the morning then disappeared. It’s still a low grade fever. Scott still feels good. We spent time outside in the sun which was nice. Of course I did lots of cleaning and laundry, but I didn’t have to cook dinner again!

We were treated to a wonderful chicken dinner with the most delicious grilled corn medallions and rosemary fries! And ice cream for dessert! I can’t express enough how wonderful it is to have another night off from doing a sink full of dishes.

We didn’t have as many phone calls today which was nice. Having a fake cheery voice on the phone gets exhausting. We have our two local friends, siblings and parents who call daily and that’s good. Well, for me. Maybe Scott would like more calls, but I feel like he’s on his phone often.

We got a nice care package from our Dr. today and a friend is checking our mail. All things considered it was a good day.

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