Part 7- Coping with COVID

As word continues to spread in town people are reaching out. It’s very kind and I appreciate their prayers, thoughts and offers to help. I’m trying my best to not focus on the spread of news and concentrate my energy on healing my family.

Scott has spent most of the day outside of the bedroom as he has been symptom free for about 7 days. Barrett has been without a fever today as well as Kierran. As soon as Barrett can go a couple days without a fever we’ll likely let him out for a bit with a mask. I’m not sure how we’ll work Kierran since he’s only had a fever two days and has been without one since.

Barrett just realized his 14th birthday will be celebrated while we are quarantined. He still can’t taste much, but would like a cake. He’s slowly gaining taste back, Scott too. Who knows if he’ll be able to taste the cake or icing. I’m sure that’s not fully the point of celebrating but it’s certainly a nice part of it.

I had a great visit and a good drink with a great friend out in the sun. Then, we were treated to another wonderful dinner tonight. Beef and broccoli with rice. Everyone loved it! I even got some pretty flowers to cheer up my kitchen.

Kierran’s fever came back tonight so we gave him some Tylenol before bed. For the most part he’s in good spirits.

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