My List

Here are some things that I feel are good to have on hand in the event you or a family member get ill.

* This by no means is nothing more than the things I had on hand or would have liked to have on hand related to the experiences in my household.

A friend who can run errands or check your mail

A minimum of 2 weeks worth of food/supplies. If you live in a bigger town/city and can get groceries delivered that would be great!

Cash or a cash app on your phone

Cleaning supplies: bleach, bucket, sponges or rags, disinfectant wipes, cleaning gloves and Lysol spray. * I did have a more holistic cleaner on hand but the instructions said to leave on the surface for 10-15 min. I personally didn’t have the patience for that. I recommend reading the directions on your cleaners for proper usage.

Hand soap and dish soap

Medicines: Tylenol (adults and/or kids), NyQuil for nights (Scott was the only one to use this) and because I now know there is abdominal symptoms I would probably like to have pepto or Imodium on hand also.

Barrett was really congested and found a shower bomb helped clear his sinuses.

Scott used oils on himself. If you’re into that I’m sure there are lists out there where people might suggest different oils, but Scott used Breathe.

We also had elderberry pills, zinc and vitamin D, vitamin C and multivitamins (we have no idea if this helped but we were up for trying anything).

Gatorade or hydration packets to put into water.

Popsicles for sore throats or your preferred sore throat fix.

More than one thermometer (if there is more than 1 person in the house) and an pulse ox

Rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes to disinfect the thermometer and pulse ox in between uses

Masks for the healthy inside the house and a mask for the sick if they have to leave the room

I also have and would recommend the temps and symptoms sheet I received from Public Health. One copy for every person in your family. I don’t have the ability to upload a document on this site so if you’d like it, please DM me or email and I’ll send it to you.

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