Part 12 – Still coping with COVID

Kierran is still feverish. We are on day 10 with him. Scott and Barrett can leave the house, Merrick, Kierran and I can not.

I’ve been having earthquake dreams which lets me know I’m stressed. I am dreaming but awake (does that make sense?) and everything is shaking. I’m pretty certain it’s my mind expressing its lack of control in the current situation I’m in.

1 hour later: he still has a fever. I called public health who suggested I call our Dr. to see if this is typical or if maybe we should see if this fever is brought on by something else. We’ve been isolated in our home now since June 23rd with no outside contact. After speaking with the Dr. we are going to hold tight. Some people’s symptoms last for 14 days. Ugh. I hope it goes away before then, but really that’s 4 days away.

As I read through my previous posts there are moments where I think maybe I was overreacting, especially when I recall how many times I was teary eyed or cried in the beginning. Or when I read how much I focused on the gossip. However, I quickly dismiss that thought. When you’re in the thick of it and being pushed from many angles it’s different. I can’t regret my emotions or actions. Nor will I disregard what I felt.

Day 11 for Kierran: No fever in the morning but he asked for oatmeal because he feels that cereal is scratchy on his throat. I asked if he has a sore throat and he says no. He developed a fever by the afternoon but it only lasted for a couple hours. He was glassy eyed which told me to retake his temp. He’s acting completely normal. This is really odd.

Public Health called again and said I need to listen to my motherly instinct this weekend and if we see he is still presenting a fever by Monday (day 14) we need to call the Dr. again.

Day 12 for Kierran: Still acting like nothing is wrong. No fever in the morning but developed one by the afternoon except today it disappeared before bedtime. What in the world!? He’s getting bold and walking down the stairs. Merrick is freaking out! His anxiety is 100/100. I’m so DONE!

Day 13 for Kierran: The highest his temp got today was 98.8. I’m taking that as day one with no fever! I’m having a hard time being strict about him staying in his room and Scott and the other two boys are upset with me. I’m so freaking done!! If he had worse symptoms maybe I’d act differently. I sneak in to give him hugs and kiss his head. Shhhhhhh

He broke his device. Mercy!!! He’s calling for me every minute. Ugh, I’m about to give him my phone.

We had visitors today. Kierran got a bag of get-well goodies from his pal, we got a nice king filet from a friend and I went on my first walk with another friend today. Oh man it was so nice! I haven’t left our property since June 23rd. We kept distant from each other but still enjoyed good conversations.

I did it. I gave Kierran my phone. It’s silent and I like it.

Day 14 with Kierran: I’ve been taking his temp three times a day. This morning it was 98.5. This afternoon when I approached him he said, “I’m going to be hot.” He was 99.8

I asked him how he knew and he said because he felt hot. I looked at his clothes and saw he was wearing a long sleeved flannel shirt over a white t-shirt and pants plus he was under his comforter. I had him take the long sleeve shirt off and get out of his blankets. I made his lunch and when I returned his temp was 98.8.

I spoke with public health and they said not to count it as a fever. I compared his current “normal” temp to his temperatures before his first fever. His pre-COVID temps were around 97.8-ish. He’s still a little warmer than normal.

I googled “low grade temp for 14 days” because I’m starting to think we made a mistake. Maybe we should have had him tested, but what could he have picked up confined to the house with everyone for almost a week? His water pik mistake was clearly the cause. The google results say “virus”. His temp is clearly decreasing. Scott and I discussed it and we’re going to hold tight.

Day 15 with Kierran: He was 97.8 today!! He’s back to his normal baseline!!! If he can be this way all day he will be released from isolation tomorrow. Three days with no fever. Phew!

It was mentioned to me that he could have been a super spreader so I looked it up. I’ve heard the term but never looked much into it. Seeing that if we weren’t already in quarantine and he was running around for six days with a low grade fever that went undetected, he could have very well been a super spreader. It was the sixth day when he spiked a high enough fever to make him act differently and look glassy eyed. I’m glad things worked the way they did.

A couple nice drop offs today! Monkey bread and s’mores supplies to celebrate Kierran’s release from isolation tomorrow (fingers crossed). Some beer and wine and a box full of veggies! All greatly appreciated.

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