We’re Free!!!!

Kierran was released from isolation today! He woke up early and crawled into bed with Scott and I just to snuggle. To celebrate we decided to get out of town. We drove to the Tonsina and are continuing our quarantine here for the day.

Barrett and Scott got to fish for kings, Merrick, Kierran and Linus swam and dug holes in the sand and I SAT ON MY BUTT IN THE SUN! It was the best electronic detox day for us.

Kierran tried out his new fly pole and he felt a tug. He started yelling so Scott went to help and it turns out he was stuck on something. Scott pulled his line up and out of the water. Attached to the other end was a heart shaped rock! Who catches a rock? I planned to keep it for my collection, but forgot it.

Merrick brought Kierran’s swim trunks on accident and he squeezed into them dry, no problem. Taking them off wet was another story. Below there is an image of Scott cutting seams to help him escape.

We will be in quarantine for a few more days to ensure Merrick and I don’t get sick.

Very happy to have this monkey back downstairs.

Thank you for reading about our experiences with COVID. Of course I hope you enjoyed my journal entries, but more than anything else I hope you have read something that you can take away from our experience. Whether it be what-to-do or what-not-to-do, I want to share this experience to help educate others.

Thank you a million times over for all of the love, support, and encouragement.

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them. If you don’t want to flip through all the entries again but are looking for something, let me know. I’ll help if I can. If you or a loved one test positive and you need a shoulder, I got you covered! ❤️ Thank you for following along!

2 thoughts on “We’re Free!!!!

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. It has helpful information in case someone I love gets COVID. I’m going to stock the house with some of the items you suggested. There were times when my eyes teared up as I felt the heartache you were going through and the frustration you must have experienced. You’re a talented writer, thank you for sharing your gift!

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