Stay Tuned

I went into work today, following the announcement that my elementary school had its first student positive COVID case. Today was a work day to clean and prep for the following week or prep in the event of my grade level going virtual. While working I hear, “Melissa McCumby, please come to the office.” Man, just like I was 13, I got nervous thinking I was in trouble. Shoot! I think I know what I did. My student bus log was not the most thorough.

I walked into the office with a smile on my masked face and saw a parent of one of my students. I figured she was pulling her child for virtual learning and wanted to chat with me. “Hi!” I said rather cheerfully. “Hiiiiii,” the parent replied in a sympathetic tone. She’s also a public health nurse.

Oh fuck. Seriously?

I was notified that Merrick was a close contact of a COVID positive student and needs to go into quarantine. Of course the nurses are SUPER interested in our case. Three members of our household have recovered, two were never positive (to our knowledge). Can they get it again? Are we asymptomatic? Needless to say I’m expert enough to not require a long consultation with public health.

As I exited the office I made a scene slouching while humming the mopey tune of the Peanuts. The lovely office staff said as soon as they saw my child’s name they were bummed for us. I made my way back to my classroom, printed my COVID tracking sheets and called Scott. “Shhhhhiiiiiit,” was Scott’s response. The upside is, only Merr is quarantined for now. Until he shows symptoms of course. The next call was home to chat with my anxiety ridden child.

He cried. I asked him to go to his room with snacks and told him Scott would be home shortly. I made a call to our doctor for antibody tests for our family. Which, public health is also interested in knowing the results of. So, stay tuned! By now you know us well enough to understand the story has only just begun ❤️

5 thoughts on “Stay Tuned

  1. Shiiiiiitttttt! WTH! Hopefully nothing comes of it and Merr comes out of this unscathed. Thinking good thoughts and praying , love you guys!

  2. So, my first thought is, “thank goodness it’s Melissa and she’s going to write about it” and second, “this is a wonderful opportunity to study how this virus works in humans through one amazing family. And Melissa will write about it”. My heart goes out to you. Would love to help in any way.

    1. Thanks Kathy. This go around I plan to take advantage of every offer I get, if we get placed on lockdown again. I promise to keep blogging and let you know if I could use some help ❤️

  3. I am so sorry you have to go through this again Melissa, both you and Scott. One thing for sure there is never a dull moment around your place, always excitement!! Praying for the antibodies! Love you guys.

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