We Bought a Boat

Or…I should say, I approved the process of the purchase 😉

As I drove to meet up with Scott to sign the paperwork for the boat, Merrick asked why I had to sign the paperwork. I told him because the bank requires both of our signatures. He quickly interjected with, “Ohhh, so the bank knows you gave dad permission to buy it.”

YEP! That’s it son. You hit the nail on the head.

So, with this addition to the family I’m sure we’ll have many more crazy adventures to share with you soon!

4 thoughts on “We Bought a Boat

  1. Looks like a beauty, You will be able to spend the night on the water in one of the coves in that. By the way the Grovers gave me some smoked salmon from you and it was delicious!! Loved it~~Thank You so much. I hope to see you this summer! Love you guys!

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