Lights Out – Games Out

The power has been off at our house now for 7 hours. Without daylight to help us see, we have every candle and lantern burning. Kierran saw this as a perfect time to bring board games out. I refused Monopoly, so we played Papa’s Dice Game (family favorite), Scattergories, Dominos and then Heads Up. Heads Up is a timed guessing game, created by Ellen, that you download from the App Store. I’ve had it on my phone for a while because it’s great when we are at restaurants or doctors offices; anywhere that requires waiting with kids in tow.

I’m SUPER competitive when it comes to guessing games like Taboo, charades, Guestures, Family Feud, Pictionary… I’d like to consider myself a professional because I’m pretty good. Merrick inherited my competitive nature and ability to kick butt at these types of games. Kierran did not. It’s really hard to play these types of games when Kierran is involved because he’s not a fast thinker when he’s under pressure.

At one point during the game, Kierran was the guesser and Merrick, Barrett and myself were the actors or people describing the word that appeared on the screen that was placed on Kierran’s forehead. Merrick and I get pretty yelly (not a word) and Kierran’s poor face would make you think we were insulting him. He doesn’t like to be yelled at for any reason, but he chose to play. When you read the transcript below, imagine everyone with a ton of energy shouting over each other trying to be heard.

Here’s how the round went-

Merrick- Uhh it’s a color. It’s in the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue don’t forget there’s…”

Kierran- white

Everyone- WHAT!

Merrick- there’s no white in the rainbow!

Kierran- (yells back) maybe if there was they’d look better!

The answer was purple.

Next screen.

Merrick- ok, she gave us kisses at Disney World!

Kierran- *giving everyone a blank stare

Me- what’s the opposite of black?

Kierran- white

Me- what’s all over the ground outside

Kierran- snow?

Merrick- yes! Now put it together!

Kierran- white snow

Merrick- what?! No! Flip it. Flip the words!

Kierran- Sleeping Beauty

Everyone- WHAT!?! Blahahahahahhahaha

This boy really doesn’t do well under pressure.

Next screen

Merrick- oh! It’s the actor! The guy who plays Spider-Man.

Kierran- Post Malone

What the actual eff? Note to self. Never take Kierran on any game show. I do get his train of thought though. Post Malone sang the Sunflower song that was on the cartoon Spider-Man movie, but geez!

We stopped playing at that point and drove to town to buy water. I’m grateful the power went out because we will be ripping on Kierran for years to come and wouldn’t have these awesome memories without it!