All About Me and My Family


Married, three boys, and stay at home mom working on receiving my teaching license and Masters in Education. I’m a Pinterest fanatic and successful at Pinterest fails. A common description of most of my friends now a days. What sets me aside? I love to make people laugh but I’m not good at it. However, my boys are! I vicariously live through their comedic stand-up.

I’ve taken to posting my family funnies on Facebook for my friends and family to read. After many prompts to write a book and egging on from my friends I’ve created this blog. There are some dark days being a stay at home parent and sharing the things my boys do and say is my attempt to find the light at the end of the tunnel while clawing my way through the younger years of raising my three sons.

Want to know more about my boys?

Scott is my hubby since 2003!

B is my oldest son. He is sensitive, compassionate, thoughtful and level-headed. He’s the type of kid that if he ever did anything wrong you’d be more shocked that he did something wrong rather than pay attention to what he actually did. If I had one story to sum him up…in kindergarten his teacher read the book Puff The Magic Dragon. I got a phone call asking me to come pick him up because he was bawling and they weren’t able to get him calmed down. All because the darn kid in the book deserted the poor dragon and the dragon felt so sad. Damn dragon and his feelings!

M is my middle child. He is rowdy, strong-willed, he’ll keep you laughing, compassionate when you least expect it, he is NOT a good looser so it’s good that he’s great at sports. He’s the type of kid that if something has gone wrong you yell his name first. He’s the kid that helps you become better acquainted with the staff at the ER. If I could share one story to sum him up…The other day I ate my lunch and enjoyed a coke afterward. M comes down stairs and stops to stare at me.
“Who told you, you could have that soda?”
“I did. I’m the mom. I make the rules.”
“Did you eat your lunch first?”
“M, sit down and eat.”
“I didn’t tell you, you could have that soda. Dump it out and throw it in the trash!” He was obviously repeating what he has been told before.

K is my baby, born in April 2013. We have yet to see what this little man will bring to the table but it will be great. He was the BEST baby I could have dreamed of. Always smiling and laughing, curious, friendly, flirtatious, a great sleeper and loves nothing more then to yell for his brothers. With him on their heals I might use him as my secret spy.

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