Part 10 – Coping with COVID

You remember in May when people joked that Americans got tired of quarantine so we quit the pandemic? I want to quit. Kierran woke without a fever but developed one by the afternoon. He took a long nap then we went outside to play a little basketball.

Barrett is doing well and will be released from isolation tomorrow. Just in time for his 14th birthday!

Scott has been released from quarantine and was anxious to get out of the house so he ran a couple errands around town. I just want it to be done. Unfortunately, Merrick and I are still quarantined as long as Kierran is sick.

Part 9- Coping with COVID

Yesterday was a good day. No fevers to speak of and lots of sunshine. We tried tackling a project in the kitchen. It didn’t go as expected so we’ll have to try leveling the floors another day.

Today we got more sunshine and a quick visit from my mom and step dad who dropped off a basketball hoop, fruits and veggies from Delta, and tamales. We socially distanced for a delicious 4th of July lunch.

Merrick thinks we are lame and not patriotic since we aren’t lighting fireworks. We tried to explain to him that you can’t see them anyway so why waste them? We’ll save them for New Years. He’s not impressed.

Tonight Kierran’s fever has gone up to 101. We gave him some Tylenol to help bring it down while he sleeps. Barrett is still fever free. I’m guessing he’ll be released from isolation tomorrow or Monday when Public Health calls.

It’s nice to have another functioning adult moving about the house. I’m anxious to incorporate the other two boys. I plan to take away devices for a whole week when everyone is healed. I have become too dependent on it to keep the kids distracted while they sit in their rooms. It’s going to be a painful bandage to rip off. For all of us!

Having been released from isolation Scott was eager to boot the boys from our room and move me back in. He was so motivated that he cleaned/disinfected the entire bathroom and bedroom. It’s a possibility COVID messes with your brain because let me tell you, this is not normal behavior.