Dryer Vents Part 2

My lint eater turned out to be more useful and more expensive then I thought. After cleaning out my vents the dryer started throwing out gang signs. E46, AP…eek! Error, error, error. The dryer started smelling really hot too. It’s a propane dryer and it makes me nervous because I’ve never used gas before. Only electric. Crap! And guess what…SCOTT WAS GONE!

I assumed it had to do with my duct tape job so I undid it and continued to use it however my house was super moist and the laundry room had lint sticking to the walls. If I didn’t explain before the dryer didn’t have a dryer hose. The duct from the dryer was just rest near the duct from the wall. Scott duct taped it together until we bought a hose but I undid it to clean out the vents and dryer. When I was finished, I taped it up again. Now fast forward a couple days, Scott comes home with my new dryer. We assumed like every other appliance in the house the dryer was dying. We (as in he) converted the dryer to propane and hooked it up. It worked but the room was still really humid (I used humid because I know my friend Abby appreciated me not using the M word). We came to the conclusion there must be a clog. It’s possible the old dryer does work. Oops!

Scott traveled into the crawl space which was a blessing because we discovered that we really need to get that area fixed up. It’s a wet land mine down there. He undid part of the dryer ducting and saw a huge clog. I put my handy dandy lint mover together and went outside to push the lint out. Omg it was BIG and smelt like nasty laundry detergent. It was wet which is exactly why I didn’t get it out the first time because I didn’t take any ducts apart and was using the wimpy brush not the heavy duty one.

Sooo, the old dryer really wasn’t broke 😬

But we can sell it. Not for the price of the new dryer 😬 but maybe a quarter of it. And my new household fixer item proved it’s worth again!!

We are tackling more projects this Labor Day weekend so I’ll post some more pictures later.

First Day of School 2017

This day did not go as planned. I wasn’t prepared for the morning routine and in hind sight I should have had a mock trial run the day before. The drive time, the earlier start time…ugh. There was lots of yelling and hurrying going on. Certainly not the normal first day of school routine we are used to. I even forgot to take pictures before we left the house.

Barrett started 6th grade – middle school!!

Merrick started 3rd grade!

And Kierran was home alone with mom. After dropping off the boys he said, “Now what am I supposed to do without my brothers?”

Gratefully, he started Kindergarten the next week!

I was a wreck! Saying good bye to him I was really crying. I tried to hold it in for fear he’d cry but I couldn’t hold it in. Kierran was so good to me. He said, “Mom, give me a butterfly kiss. Now give me a bubble kiss (we blow up our mouths with air and kiss). Now Hugga Mugga” (rub our noses together like a bunny kiss). I then ran and hid in the bathroom to chill out for a bit before I joined the other parents at the Boo Hoo Breakfast. After the school sponsored breakfast I went out with another friend who orchestrated a Beers and Tears breakfast at a local restaurant. I got to meet some local peeps and have BREAKFAST!!

Then to celebrate having no kids in my house for 7 hours M-F (after 11 years of dreaming) I got a gym membership!

Cheers to a new chapter of mommy hood!!

Lint Licker!

I’ve been lusting after a dryer vent cleaner for a while now. A few years ago a friends dryer caught on fire due to the amount of lint in the trap which made me a little paranoid. Sadly it’s been that item in the amazon cart that keeps getting saved for later. During this last amazon purchase I threw it back in the basket. When Scott went to hit the purchase button he questioned my item. I almost relented but stopped myself and said, “No! Buy it.”

My new toy arrived in the mail and I was so excited to use it. This is the one I bought, the LintEater Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System. I didn’t get much out of the dryer itself but a lot out of the hose.

My assistant for the day even offered a helping hand.

YUCK! The grass was from me grabbing the lint off the ground but the rest is from the hose. The house we moved into is about 10 years old and if there was a good time to clean out a lint trap it’s when you move in to a “new to you” home.

My lint build up wasn’t as bad as some of the photos on the packaged box or posted by others on the amazon page but I’m still happy with the product and happy to have clean dryer vents. I think I’ll try to clean the fridge coils now!

Conversations You Never Thought You’d Have

Merrick is laying down on the couch and asks me, "Mom, can your body dissolve things?"
"Hmmm, no. Well, I guess it can dissolve splinters so kind of. Why?"
With a tinge of panic in his voice he asked "Can your body dissolve your balls?"
I look up to the ceiling, close my eyes, exhale then look at him with his hands down his pajama pants and tell him to stand up.
"Oh! There they are. That was scary."

Trust Issues

One of my most prized possessions is my relationship with my boys. Trust is something I work at everyday with them. I want them to understand how fragile trust is. How easily it’s lost and how hard it is to gain. We’ve had our fair share of issues with lying and I’ve explained how trust in them has been compromised by lying. They are kids however and they are learning but we are old enough to understand how to keep someone’s trust and we have to teach them. I want my boys to know without a doubt they can trust us and be assured that when they confide in Scott and I they are safe.

We’ve created a safe word between us when something has the potential to receive a highly explosive response. They can use the safe word and be guaranteed a calm response. They’ve used it a few times. It’s hard to control a response at times but the method works overall. I want the boys to come to us and feel comfortable asking us questions too. I know right now we’re dealing with small potatoes compared to what the future could hold so I feel now’s the time to establish open communication and trust.

Driving in the car to town the other day Barrett was silent, lost in thought, riding up front with me. We were cruising down the highway and with a huge grin on his face Barrett confided in me,”Mom, one day when I’m able to drive I’m going to drive down a straight road as fast as I can and when it’s icey I’ll spin the car around in circles again and again. It will be so fun!”

I love that he trusts me enough to share such thoughts with me! I’m doing it you guys! I’m succeeding at parenting!! He’s only 3 years away from being eligible for a drivers permit so let’s get real here. I patted him on the shoulder and smiled,”Thank you for sharing that with me honey. I now know that as long as you are under my care I will drive you everywhere because you are not allowed to ever get your drivers license.” His face drooped. He shared too much. I gave him a friendly punch on the shoulder and a grin as sort of a kidding gesture. His face reflected my real feelings. I wasn’t kidding. Open communication, closed. Trust, damaged. Ehh whatever. They have to have something to talk with their therapist about one day.