How Does Your Garden Grow?

On the way home from ski practice my oldest was complaining about a teammate who has extremely poor hygiene.

“He smells awful like he never showers!”

Kierran pipes in, “Does he grow vegetables from his pits?”

Laughter erupts throughout the car because none of know where that came from. I do tell him he has potatoes in his ears when they need to be cleaned so maybe he equates all dirty areas of the body as a vegetable garden.

We will forever now ask each other if we are growing vegetables in our pits when we are stinky.

Family Photos in OZ

Since our Christmas cards have been sent here are the family photos taken while we were in Australia. If you’re even in the Brisbane area and are interested in getting family photos taken I have the perfect person. She was inexpensive and incredibly pleasant to work with. After taking pictures her and I chatted for a while and found we had a lot in common. I highly recommend Lisa Schmidt Photography

This photo was the most beautiful background, but I forgot to take Kierran’s glasses off so it didn’t make the cut for the wall or Christmas card, but it’s still a keeper.