The Puppy Dance

Before I dive into this post I need to back up a few steps. It’s been a while since I posted and a couple big things have happened.

  1. Scott took a job in Valdez, AK. We are moving to join him when school gets out in May IF we can find a house that works for our family. Right now he travels back and forth week on week off.
  2. I broke down a bought a dog for the family. I promise I thought a lot about this decision before I acted on it. He is a 3 month old yellow lab named Linus. His actual AKC name is LastFrontiers Thin Blue Line.

On with the story.

Kierran goes to a great preschool with great teachers who have become friends. Not only friends but helpers while Scott travels back and forth. I was looking for someone to watch K after school on the days I work and his teachers took on the task. It works out perfectly for me because I pick up K, M and B at the same time at the elementary school. Such a blessing! I don’t have to drive all around town picking kids up and K is getting great care and I don’t have to be worried about him. I do pay them but I’m beginning to think that the entertainment they get out of watching K could be payment enough.

Today when I picked the boys up at the school I got a good story. Miss Tara came by and asked Miss Kristen if she told me about the puppy dance. Kristen started laughing and said no, she had not. Tara says, “Kierran show your mom the puppy dance.” Since I’m too cheap to pay more money a month for my wordpress account I can’t upload a video so you’ll have to use your imagination. Kierran standing upright (thank goodness!) flailing his arms while thrusting his hips. He demonstrated this in the elementary school parking lot.

I would have been mortified if I wasn’t laughing so hard. Here is a picture of our little blanket dancer looking all innocent and adorable.



Kierran’s First Parent Teacher Conference

The preschool Kierran goes to is the same one we sent Merrick to. It’s our favorite. When Merrick went (4 years ago) we didn’t have parent teacher conferences and we didn’t need them. Every day we picked Merrick up his teacher, a sub or the director had lots to say about him. Never bad, he was a character and kept them on their toes and kept them laughing. Kierran seems to be following in his footsteps.

Kierran is a little behind with writing, recognizing his name, numbers and the alphabet. I blame myself for not working with him as much as I did the other two. I’ll step up my home game. I asked his teacher during the conference to show me what she would consider on target for a 3rd child (I totally said that!). She showed me someone who was similar and I felt good because this kid wasn’t much better with his writing. Then she told me he was 3. Ugh. Today he was tested on his letters, colors, numbers and shapes. He knew all the shapes, got all the colors (there was a bit of confusion because he was looking at the wrapper around the crayon and not the actual crayon but was able to correct it) but missed almost every letter and number. When he was saying his numbers he kept telling the director “I know this! I know this! 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 44, nickel, penny, dime….”. All of it wrong. Letters, same craziness.

Other than the academic stuff (ha!) he’s great. He gets along well with everyone and is very tolerant to the special needs boy in his class whereas most in his class aren’t. He uses his manners, follows directions but is still his clumsy self.  Miss Kristen, his teacher, said it’s like his mind is going faster then his body can keep up. I see that at home and recall Barrett being the same. Kierran and Barrett are both flat footed with turned in feet. It makes for lots of tripping and weird wear on the soles of their shoes. The teacher and the director just LOVE Kierran and can’t say enough kind things about him. He did announce to the class the other day that I was pregnant with a food baby. Miss Kristen had a hard time composing herself and tried to explain it to the class but decided not to and just let him tell his story.Kierran 4YO

Just So You Know

It doesn’t escape my attention that 90% of the stories I post are about M. He’s very charismatic and home with me every day. B is in school and gone most of the day and K is just to young for anything other than sweet baby humor.

I predict that even when M goes to school full time and K joins the group verbally I’ll post more about M because he’s going to be THAT kid. Maybe you’re interested in knowing more about what I mean by “THAT” when I define my second born. Let me tell you about yesterday…

M and I were going over his Teach Your Child To Read lesson while sitting on the floor. “Mom, there’s something in your ear.”
“Oh, do I have a little potato?”
“I’ll get it!” and before I can defend myself he jabs his finger into my ear!
“STOP IT!” I swat him away and he shows me a small bit on wax on his finger.
I say, “Go wipe it on a..” he wipes it on his pants.
“Gross M.”
I return to my lesson and in the corner of my eye I see this boy start to SNIFF HIS FINGER! He’s like the monkey who sniffs his finger after he scratched his butt and falls out of the tree!
“EKKK!” He thinks it’s hilarious and rolls around laughing. BLAGH!

Now this is the same boy who hours later is laying with me in bed trying to take a nap. He leans over and kisses me, kisses my hand, tells me he loves me then kiss the necklace that I wear everyday. The necklace has a major significance for the daughter we lost. A story for another time. But he brought tears to my eyes with his love. NOW, don’t get all cozy because hours later right before bed time we hear our oldest son yell, “MOM! M peed in my bed! On purpose!”
He got into trouble, don’t doubt that. He is ALWAYS pushing a boundary! Who pees in a bed on purpose?! He’s going to make a hellion for a college roommate I tell ya.

The Last of the Baby Words

Watching B get older I realized how fast they grow out of the baby words they use. I don’t mean baby talk but their own made up or mix up words. A couple of B’s last ones were “Milky” for milk and “Strawby Strawby” for strawberry and “Hanky” for his blanket. I remember when B went in for Kindergarten testing and the teacher pointed to a glass of milk and he said “Milky!”. She looked at me then B and said, “We call it milk. He should start calling it milk because he will be made fun of in school if others hear him calling it milky.” My heart sank. I wanted to plea with her that it was his last baby word but I knew better. The word took a week or so of correcting to drop but he switched over. However, I doubt he would have been made fun of seeing that a few kids in his class still spoke legit baby talk! Let me tell you, this was my first experience with kids picking up crap from other kids and bringing it home. Breaking him of copying his peers from baby talk about bruised his backside. That was annoying!

M is now getting to the age where those made up words are drifting away. He used to say “Mish-u-een” for machine and I noticed that he uses the correct terms or sounds now and it’s a small reminder that he’s growing up. In the last few days I’ve heard him say “Efelant” for elephant and “Cheap Cheap” for baby chicks. Today he was trying to make me a promise about good behavior which I never fall for but it’s fun to hear him say “I square mom! I square!”. He means to say he swears.

I think I would start getting sad and teary about watching my boys age but I have K to follow in their foot steps so in another year I’ll have another full vocabulary to try and decipher and take notes of in a baby book.

What are some of your favorite words that your kids created?

Humps and Dumps


Earlier today I made everyone take a nap in preparation for tomorrow. It is going to be a long day. Inevitably both B and M had to poop. I think they hold it for a non-convenient time. I made M sleep in my room so I told him he had to poop in my bathroom. He was sitting on the toilet and I heard a grunt…sigh…splash. “Wow, that was a big dump!” Ewwwww! Boys are gross!


B was talking about whales today and I have no clue where it came from. He has a book on whales that I have read with him many times. I always feel weird when we talk about the Humpback and Sperm Whales. Seriously? Could they have given these poor animals a worse name?

He was talking mostly to Scott but I happened to zone in right when he asked
“Why are they called Humpback Whales? Oh wait I think I know why. It’s because they hump. They hump their backs” Now this kid, as much to my knowledge, doesn’t know what the slang term means or refers to.
“No, it’s because they have a hump back like a camel.” Scott corrects.
“Oh, why don’t they call it a Camel Whale?”
It sure would keep the juvenile in my head from giggling.

Antisemitism and Piracy

B is not my comical child. It’s a rare day that he shocks us or makes us laugh because of his actions. He takes after me and tries to make people laugh and ends up with a horrible knock-knock joke and a stretch of silence. Today was his rare day.

We were sitting at the table having lunch. K was in his high chair drinking some watered down apple juice.

B- Why does K get juice?

Me- Because he rarely gets it. Plus I watered it down so it’s more like watery juice.

Thoughtful Pause

B- It’s Ju-water
I’m sure I heard that wrong.
M- What?
B- Ju-water. I shortened juice and
M- Oh, I know what you did. You can’t say that. There are a group of people referred to as Jews and when you say that it makes it sound like you’re making a racial pun or joke. It could hurt someones feelings. So just say watered down juice.
B- Ju-water sounds better.

Later in the day we drove to town for a bit of shopping. The two older boys have taken to more contemporary music and no longer ask for toddler songs. We were listening to the radio and a song comes on that B just loves. So he decided to record it the only way he knew how.


It reminded me of when I was younger listening to the radio. The TOP 40 was almost done and the best song (in my opinion) was number 2. I’d hit record on the tape deck and the damn DJ would cut into the song halfway through and ruin it! I’d yell “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” and stop the tape. I had many tapes of my favorite songs cut short because Casey couldn’t plan his show to fit within the time slot.
His recording is mixed with his brothers yelling from the back and me yelling back at them but it doesn’t stop him from jamming out to his recording later in the evening.