The Candy Stash

Our first week in Valdez and we made it just in time for the Gold Rush Days parade. The boys got to ride in the police car with Scott, tossing out candy while I managed the shaved ice hut. Somehow even being in the parade they managed to collect three grocery sacks of candy. WTH! I think the local dentist was trying to drum up business. My kids were CRACKED OUT!

It didn’t take long before the “No more candy” rule came into effect. It didn’t take much longer for the youngest to break the rule and lose his bag of candy. He tried the ole, “but dad said no more candy at the parade, not when we got home.” Nice try. One bag in the trash.

Four days later the same child was caught stealing candy so the second bag went in the trash but not before I ate the milk duds. Let’s not be too crazy here. I shouldn’t suffer for their actions.

Six days later I happen to walk into the currently vacant bedroom to find the same five year old looking guilty. “What are you doing?”
“Nothing” he wipes his mouth.
“Come here.” He walks away. Ohhhhh dude. BIG mistake!
“Let me smell your breath.” He continues to circle the room opposite of me.
“Stop now!” I demanded in my threatening mom voice. He stands still and I approach him.
“Let me smell your breath.” He slowly parts his lips. I can smell the rainbow. Pure skittle mouth.
Kierran word vomits. “It’s Merrick’s! Merrick hid the candy! It’s his not mine!”
“Ok, where is it?”
“Right here.” He opens the dress up bin and pulls out candy and wrappers. I directed him to throw it all in the trash.
We walk downstairs and I inform the children I found their stash. Merrick is clueless, “What stash? A stash of what?” Barrett knows immediately, “It’s mine mom. The candy was mine. I put it there.”
(OMG I’M SO PROUD!!) Snap out of it Melissa! He’s being naughty!!
“Ok, there will be NO sweets of any kind for the rest of the month. For any of you. No dessert, no donuts, no gum!”
There were no complaints at all. Even when I told them that went for the trip to the state fair in a couple weeks.

I’ve often threatened a sugar detox but never gone through with it. Here we go! I’ll keep you posted. This could get UGLY!

*UPDATE- The relentless asking got old quick but the kids settled into a no dessert mode. I caught one with gum once but there were no complaints when I held my hand out to collect it. Over all it wasn’t too bad.

Conversations You Never Thought You’d Have

Merrick is laying down on the couch and asks me, "Mom, can your body dissolve things?"
"Hmmm, no. Well, I guess it can dissolve splinters so kind of. Why?"
With a tinge of panic in his voice he asked "Can your body dissolve your balls?"
I look up to the ceiling, close my eyes, exhale then look at him with his hands down his pajama pants and tell him to stand up.
"Oh! There they are. That was scary."

Trust Issues

One of my most prized possessions is my relationship with my boys. Trust is something I work at everyday with them. I want them to understand how fragile trust is. How easily it's lost and how hard it is to gain. We've had our fair share of issues with lying and I've explained how trust in them has been compromised by lying. They are kids however and they are learning but we are old enough to understand how to keep someone's trust and we have to teach them. I want my boys to know without a doubt they can trust us and be assured that when they confide in Scott and I they are safe.

We've created a safe word between us when something has the potential to receive a highly explosive response. They can use the safe word and be guaranteed a calm response. They've used it a few times. It's hard to control a response at times but the method works overall. I want the boys to come to us and feel comfortable asking us questions too. I know right now we're dealing with small potatoes compared to what the future could hold so I feel now's the time to establish open communication and trust.

Driving in the car to town the other day Barrett was silent, lost in thought, riding up front with me. We were cruising down the highway and with a huge grin on his face Barrett confided in me,"Mom, one day when I'm able to drive I'm going to drive down a straight road as fast as I can and when it's icey I'll spin the car around in circles again and again. It will be so fun!"

I love that he trusts me enough to share such thoughts with me! I'm doing it you guys! I'm succeeding at parenting!! He's only 3 years away from being eligible for a drivers permit so let's get real here. I patted him on the shoulder and smiled,"Thank you for sharing that with me honey. I now know that as long as you are under my care I will drive you everywhere because you are not allowed to ever get your drivers license." His face drooped. He shared too much. I gave him a friendly punch on the shoulder and a grin as sort of a kidding gesture. His face reflected my real feelings. I wasn't kidding. Open communication, closed. Trust, damaged. Ehh whatever. They have to have something to talk with their therapist about one day.

Thick With Drama

I found some of my powder makeup in Kieran’s drawer today. I asked him what that was about and he said he needs it for his cheeks in the morning because the makeup comes off at night. He picked up the face powder, opened the container and began smearing it on his cheeks. It’s flesh color so you really can’t see it. Good grief. There’s worse things right?

Like the other day Kierran wasn’t feeling well. His stomach was sour. All he ate was an applesauce cup and drank two small glasses of water. The next morning he awoke and was starving. He ate pancakes and bacon and begged for a Gatorade. I was hesitant but he did only have two small glasses of water the previous day. He must be dehydrated from the day before so I let him have the small bottle of red Gatorade. 


10 minutes later all of it came up on my couch and carpet. Red, chunky, projectile vomit. UGH! I moved him to the bathroom in front of the toilet and directed him to stay. Right then a person renting our chicken plucker pulled into the driveway. I think I failed to mention Scott wasn’t home AGAIN! I handled the plucker business and came back inside to find the dog eating the puke. WHAT THE HECK! (I really didn’t think the word heck) I peeled Linus away, trapped him upstairs and ran to the bathroom to find Kierran in the same spot which surprised me. He REALLY must not be feeling well because that has to be the longest he’s ever followed directions. In the tub he goes. Cleaning here I come.

After everything and everyone was cleaned up I started packing up the living room. Kierran lay in a box near me looking pathetic. 

Cute but pathetic. He started dozing in and out of sleep. Poor boy. I thought he would have woken with a start when his brothers yelled from up stairs. “MOM!!! MOM!!! ALASKA STATE TROOPERS IS ON NETFLIX!” But Kierran lay there, in the box motionless. The boys LOVE Alaska State Troopers. That will keep them happy and out of my hair for a few days. Thank you Netflix. Moments later they yell from upstairs again, ” MOM! MOM! We saw Mr. Piscoya!!!” He’s a friend of ours and a Lt. at the AST. Kierran remains motionless but manages to mutter in the most self pity filled, on the verge of tears voice, “Their dreams are coming true…but mine aren’t…because I’m sick.”

I burst out laughing. Kierran did not find it comical. I couldn’t text Scott the story fast enough. Who needs girls when you have this drama coming from boys!

Garage Sale

A part of moving is decluttering. Part of decluttering is hosting a garage sale! I enjoy garage sales. They can be slightly overwhelming but worth it when you get cash for clutter. I can recall my mom having lots of sales growing up maybe that’s where I get my affection for them from.

When I decided to have a sale I did a little pineresting and found some good ideas about how much change to have on hand, how to organize your items, and sign ideas. I dedicated about 2 hours one evening to signs. I love drawing and this was a great opportunity to get the kids in bed and have some fun me time.

90% of the people who came to my garage sale commented on the marketing. 

I had to stop by and meet the person who made those signs!

I don’t need anything but I knew whoever made those signs was cool! (He ended up buying some things)

Your signs are the best!

The variety of popular pop culture icons brought in a very diverse crowd. Not just the typical garage sale shoppers. It also attracted a couple critics. My sister posted on a couple local FB sale sites and one person commented with an angry emoji. Huh?? (Side note- this is an example of why I’m happy to no longer be on FB) When questioned by another random person the poster responded that “We are all tired of her. It’s as bad as YOLO” Uhhh who is we? You speak for the masses of garage sale sign haters? Well we didn’t respond because my address was posted and there are some crazies out there. True to crazy, that guy must have sent out a bat call and one of his cronies tore my sign down 😕 My feelers were slightly hurt. I spent time on that and good grief it’s a sign! Ultimately I dismissed it and decided I’m grateful to be off FB and grateful my life isn’t so out of control I get spun up about garage sale signs. 

Fun weekend overall hanging out with my sister, making a few bucks and getting rid of some clutter. The hard part is now dividing the remaining items into donate, Craigslist and dump piles then actually getting these piles out of the house and not back into the crawl space. 

Best part of the weekend goes to the full price offer we got on the house!!!

Baseball Season is in Full Swing

Last year, 2016, the boys played baseball. If they didn’t like it, big deal! I was hooked! I’m grateful that wasn’t the case because the boys were hooked too. 

This year Barrett is on the Twins and Merrick is on the Phillies. Great coahes, good teammates and fun parents all around. Juggling dual practices and games is difficult when Scott is out of town but my sister has been a great help. Plus, I secretly love running to games and feeling rushed.

They’ve learned a ton about baseball and sportsmanship each season and this week in particular, humility and the power of prayer.   At last nights games there were some great lessons learned! 

Merrick has been bragging to anyone with ears about his team being undefeated or “undefeatable” as he says. I told him yesterday to watch his words because it could bite him in the butt. He didn’t get it. Nor did he care. 

His first time up to bat at yesterday’s game, during the second inning, he struck out. That’s not common. He’s typically a predictable hitter. Second time up to bat he wanted to redeem himself so he took his stance and pointed to the outfield. OH MY GAAAAHHHHHHHHH! His coach and I moaned loudly. He proceeded to strike out again. “Humility will be the topic of discussion on the ride home tonight!”, I told my mom and in-laws. The icing on the cake was his team was slaughtered! Oh this is a great lesson indeed. 

Now Barrett’s game was completely different. Well, not entirely. They also lost but if you talked to Barrett about the game you’d never know. First inning of the game he’s playing third base. He’s never played third before so I was interested to see how he’d do. I wasn’t terrified like when he pitched two weeks prior just eager to see the results. I wasn’t disappointed! First kid walked to first base (base on balls) and the second kid was up to bat. He hit a hard grounder to the left of Barrett. He slid and caught it and tossed it to 2nd base and they got the runner out. “Good job Barrett!”, I yelled from the stands. Ehhh I might have yelled baby. The boys hate it but I don’t care. Second kid up to bat hits a line drive straight to Barrett and he catches it! I’m jumping up and down in the stands yelling now! The grin on his face stretches ear to ear. There’s still one more out to get and the batter steps up to the plate. Barrett takes his ready stance and drops the smile because that’s not serious baseball. He can’t keep the straight face long because the smile is slowly creeping over the serious mask he put on. That’s my favorite. He deserves to be proud of himself. He only got up to bat twice that game and the first time he was walked, the second time he got a hit but was tagged out on first. 

His coach approached me and said he thought Barrett does really well when he puts him in positions he has never played before like when he let him pitch the other week. He only let three runs through and struck two out which wasn’t bad for his first time. We were so nervous before that game we prayed and we don’t normally do that. Before we got out of the car this game I thought “Lets pray again!”. I’d argue with the coach that it’s not tossing him in different positions but the prayers we said before we got out of the car. We’ll have to make it a habit because both boys had good nights just in different ways.

It’s not just the boys that are learning things during baseball season. I’ve learned some things too. For instance, my boys don’t like me yelling “Good job BABY!!” across the field and Barrett doesn’t like it when I yell across the field at him to put his prescription glasses on. I have no intention of changing my ways. I also learned I let my fellow baseball moms across the nation down by drinking water at the games. 

I’m pretty mouthy without alcohol so I might sill refrain. 

Off to another game! 

Xoxo Me