Kierran Wants a Sister

For the last couple years Kierran has been fond of girls. You might recall him asking me to bring a girl he saw at the park over to him so he could pet her. That was last summer. Scott messaged me the other day their conversation.At library time yesterday an aquintence of mine recently had a baby girl and was at the library with her children. I showed Kierran the baby with her full head of hair and newborn wrinkles and jokingly asked if he wanted to buy this baby. He shrugged and played it off like I was being silly but when we got in the car he says, “MOM!! I really wanted that baby!”

Ohh poor boy. In 20 more years you can have one of your own.


Growing up and living in Fairbanks I expected moose to be around. After 30+ years it never got old seeing them. If possible I’d pull over to take some pictures or just watch them from the living room windows. I always respected the moose and never followed or crowded them. They can be dangerous if provoked but I never felt scared really. Here in Valdez there aren’t moose, they have bears and that scares me.

When I lived here for 4 years, 11 years ago, I never saw one bear and I was fine with that. Having been back now for almost 2 months I’ve seen 5 bears. The first one was running along the tree line and I said “Look at the doooo…that’s a bear!!” Next time a mom and baby ran across the road one vehicle in front of me and the last time Scott and I were headed home from dropping off the boys at school and these two biggies were hanging out by the side of the road.

A lot like the moose in Fairbanks, seeing these creatures won’t get old. I’m just scared! These are bears!!