Baseball Season is in Full Swing

Last year, 2016, the boys played baseball. If they didn’t like it, big deal! I was hooked! I’m grateful that wasn’t the case because the boys were hooked too. 

This year Barrett is on the Twins and Merrick is on the Phillies. Great coahes, good teammates and fun parents all around. Juggling dual practices and games is difficult when Scott is out of town but my sister has been a great help. Plus, I secretly love running to games and feeling rushed.

They’ve learned a ton about baseball and sportsmanship each season and this week in particular, humility and the power of prayer.   At last nights games there were some great lessons learned! 

Merrick has been bragging to anyone with ears about his team being undefeated or “undefeatable” as he says. I told him yesterday to watch his words because it could bite him in the butt. He didn’t get it. Nor did he care. 

His first time up to bat at yesterday’s game, during the second inning, he struck out. That’s not common. He’s typically a predictable hitter. Second time up to bat he wanted to redeem himself so he took his stance and pointed to the outfield. OH MY GAAAAHHHHHHHHH! His coach and I moaned loudly. He proceeded to strike out again. “Humility will be the topic of discussion on the ride home tonight!”, I told my mom and in-laws. The icing on the cake was his team was slaughtered! Oh this is a great lesson indeed. 

Now Barrett’s game was completely different. Well, not entirely. They also lost but if you talked to Barrett about the game you’d never know. First inning of the game he’s playing third base. He’s never played third before so I was interested to see how he’d do. I wasn’t terrified like when he pitched two weeks prior just eager to see the results. I wasn’t disappointed! First kid walked to first base (base on balls) and the second kid was up to bat. He hit a hard grounder to the left of Barrett. He slid and caught it and tossed it to 2nd base and they got the runner out. “Good job Barrett!”, I yelled from the stands. Ehhh I might have yelled baby. The boys hate it but I don’t care. Second kid up to bat hits a line drive straight to Barrett and he catches it! I’m jumping up and down in the stands yelling now! The grin on his face stretches ear to ear. There’s still one more out to get and the batter steps up to the plate. Barrett takes his ready stance and drops the smile because that’s not serious baseball. He can’t keep the straight face long because the smile is slowly creeping over the serious mask he put on. That’s my favorite. He deserves to be proud of himself. He only got up to bat twice that game and the first time he was walked, the second time he got a hit but was tagged out on first. 

His coach approached me and said he thought Barrett does really well when he puts him in positions he has never played before like when he let him pitch the other week. He only let three runs through and struck two out which wasn’t bad for his first time. We were so nervous before that game we prayed and we don’t normally do that. Before we got out of the car this game I thought “Lets pray again!”. I’d argue with the coach that it’s not tossing him in different positions but the prayers we said before we got out of the car. We’ll have to make it a habit because both boys had good nights just in different ways.

It’s not just the boys that are learning things during baseball season. I’ve learned some things too. For instance, my boys don’t like me yelling “Good job BABY!!” across the field and Barrett doesn’t like it when I yell across the field at him to put his prescription glasses on. I have no intention of changing my ways. I also learned I let my fellow baseball moms across the nation down by drinking water at the games. 

I’m pretty mouthy without alcohol so I might sill refrain. 

Off to another game! 

Xoxo Me

Driving Time Stories

On our recent trip to Valdez, Alaska the boys talked about what kinds of engineers they want to be when they are older. Barrett is interested in electrical engineering, Merrick asked questions about petroleum, water and computer engineering and Kierran blurted out that he was going to be a train engineer. I was impressed! That could be very cool and he wasn’t copying his brothers which is traditionally his style, he really went out on his own.

“When I get big I’m going to be a train engineer”

“Oh yea?”

“Yea, I’m going to drive the coal train for Santa and watch him give coal to all the bad kids stockings.” I looked into the rearview mirror in shock that his career choice was so unique and specific and saw him staring at his brothers with a Grinchy grin. 

“He got an idea. An awful idea! The Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea.”

I can only imagine the glory of the scene that played out in his head. Him, sitting poised as the conductor of the train as Santa reached into the train car filled with the black sinister stocking filler. The grinchy grin spreads across Kierrans face as he’s witnessing the coal being dumped into his brothers stockings while his stocking hangs heavily from the mantle filled with toys and candy.

“Dang Kierran that’s very specific.”

“I know. But that’s what I’ll be.”

Not too long after the conversation moved to baseball. Not surprising seeing that both the older two are playing baseball this summer and Kierran is forced to watch.

Barrett says, “I need a cup mom.”

“I know I need to order one.”

“I really need the kind that slips in the underwear because Braiden says his slips all the time and he has to move it. Aiden says every time he plays catcher it falls towards the front of his thighs when he pops up fast.”

“Oh, that does seem like a problem.”

“Yea, maybe you can order me an extra extra extra extra extra extra small one.”

Oh my gosh where is my pen and paper to capture this moment! He’s gone against his DNA and doesn’t even realize it! He’ll regret that statement one day. Hahahaha 

Next post I’ll show you the new shaved ice trailer and tell the story of the adventure Merrick and Scott had getting it home. 

Until next time! Xoxo

Washington to Alaska Road Trip

They’re off!!! Merrick and Scott are boarding a plane as I type to Washington to pick up our friends new truck and our new shaved ice trailer! 

A few months ago Scott had the idea of running a shaved ice trailer in Valdez. He did research on the business and cost analysis then presented the idea to me. We found a few nice trailers but one in particular stood out, Captain Snowbeards!! It’s was a great price and the trailer is so cool! Scott called the owner and it turns out him and his wife are from NORTH POLE!! Crazy!

The theme is perfect for Valdez! The owners agreed to meet Scott in Oregon so he didn’t have to drive all the way to Las Vegas. WIN! 

We spent some time trying to find someone to drive with Scott. It was planned to be a turn and burn type trip and if there were two drivers it would be faster. We didn’t have any luck finding a driving partner so the plan was for Scott to take Linus. Then out of the blue a friend bought a new truck in Washington and was going to fly down with Scott and pick up the new truck and trailer then drive back! Awesome deal but our friend didn’t have a passport. Bummer! So then the idea morphed  into Scott flying down with Merrick, picking up the truck and trailer then driving back together. Of course no trip to Washington would be complete without a ball game of sorts so unbeknownst to Merr they are going to a Mariners game. 

They’ll be gone for about 6 days in all. Keep them in your prayers for safe travels. I imagine this trip will have a few crazy stories since Merrick is involved. I’ll keep you posted!

A $1030 Kitchen Accessory

Like most situations when shit hits the fan Scott was leaving that morning for Valdez. 

I was awoken at 5:30 AM by the sound of a dog puking. I was concerned but not overly concerned. I assumed it was just a fluke, something he ate the day before wasn’t digesting. This dog eats all sorts of random items. We’ve found a small lego batman cape in his poop. It was a super turd! 

I took him outside where Linus went to the bathroom and did his normal routine. I brought him back inside to eat his breakfast and watched as he drank a half bowl of water then proceeded to vomit nonstop until 7 AM. I no longer thought his puking was a fluke. He got to be so weak he would collapse while puking.

I called the vet to warn them I’d be there at 8am as soon as their doors opened. Scott, who was packing to head back to Valdez is now in charge of getting the kids ready for school and staying in town long enough to get the kids to school. 

Linus was weak and you could see his discomfort in his sad eyes. We walked into, let me state the truth, I carried our 50 lb 4 month old puppy into the vet and placed him down on the ground. Not that he couldn’t walk but he’s my baby. As soon as I put him down he started acting like he was perfectly fine! Barking, jumping, acting playful. I looked at the vet and swore he had been puking all morning and was lethargic. I felt like I had Munchausen syndrome by proxy. She believed me. Her concern was a blockage and wanted to do an X-ray. 

Scott dropped Kierran off to me at the vet office after dropping the other boys off at school and took off for Valdez.  I would typically insert lots of guilt here about how shit hits the fan when he’s not around to help but I’ll refrain since he didn’t have a choice. If you’re a military spouse or just a spouse in general you know what I’m talking about! 

We left Linus at the vet and waited for a call. About an hour later we got a call and some X-rays. It was a blockage all right and an impressive one according to our vet. 

Surgery was inevitable so the vet started taking bets on what exactly the object was. I said a nerf disk. No one got it correct. Hours later I got a call that he did great during surgery and is recovering nicely. I could pick him and our slightly contaminated flower magnet up around 5pm. He swallowed a magnet?!? She said they didn’t have to cut open his lower intestines because they were able to “milk” the magnet out his butt. Ewwwww! I’m not sure which grossed me out more; the use of the word milk or the fact she popped it out of his butt. Either way nothing is more gross then owning a $1030 magnet. 

I grabbed the boys after school did our homework routine and drove to the vet to pick up Linus. He was so groggy he could barely wag his tail. My poor pup. He got some meds, the cone of shame and a list of instructions as a parting gift and I got the magnet in a baggie. He whimpered and whined as I got him into the car. The boys were so worried about him I had to keep shooing them off. I sat down and Merrick asks where the magnet was. I remove the baggie from my purse and handed it to him. Instantly he opens the bag and smells it. WTH!! “It smells like dog food!” 


When we got home he was still loopy (Linus not Merrick like one would probably draw a conclusion after the magnet sniff) and sore. The boys tried to make him comfortable.

Merrick is trying to convince him to eat a little food so he can take his medicine.

I was up with him through the night but it wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be. Even with the cone of shame he developed an infection so we went back to the vet for some antibiotics. 

I took him to work with me so I could keep an eye on him. After 24 hours in antibiotics he was back to his normal puppy self. You would never have thought he had surgery. He did better then I did after my C-section with Kierran. 

The upside to all of this is that Linus just so happened to have double coverage! We purchased health insurance for him from one company and he got free 2 week coverage from AKC when we registered him. After all was said and done we broke even.

Now completely healed I’m sad to say he has not learned his lesson and I’m digging weird crap out of his mouth every day. I’m just grateful I’m not milking anything out of his butt!

Fishing with Dad

Baseball has been keeping us busy lately and out late at night and Scott has been back and forth between home and work making quality father son time a rarity. Gratefully the clouds held back the rain for a bit today allowing for the boys to go fishing. 

I’m sure they’d want you to know they caught the fish all by themselves! I’m not sure where Kierran is…possibly tied up in a tree somewhere to keep him out of the way.

Oh look! I see Kierrans arm in the corner there. Fishing with him can be trying. 

Linus wanted in on the action bad! He got in some swim time and Scott reported that he is exhausted. What a good dad!

Merricks Future Therapy

Yesterday my friend texted me this photo and said Merrick made the list!

His name is the second from the top on the right column. Excited to show him I asked the newly released from his bedroom for a timeout child aka Merrick to come to me. He was on his way upstairs to watch tv so I met him halfway at the bottom of the stairs. 

"Look what I just got." And I hand him my phone. "Zoom in on that list." He moves his finger on the screen and asks if it's real. "Yes, Miss Tana just texted it to me." I turn to walk back into the kitchen and stopped when I realize he's not as happy as I thought he'd be. I turn around and see my sweet 8 year old with tears pooling in his eyes. OMG he thinks this is the naughty list!! He asks me, "Mom, can I change? What did I do?"  Seeing that he's been in a bit of trouble already today I thought I'd let him stew in it for a minute. "What do you mean what did you do? You got a spanking yesteday and you just got out of your room for breaking a rule." The tears ran down his cheeks. Ok, fun over we are entering therapy territory now. 

"Merrick, it's the nice list!"

"Maybe it's last years list. When did you get this?"

"Miss Tana just sent it to me. She took the photo today." (I have no idea if that is the truth but I'm sure it was recent). He starts to smile and says, "Promise?" "I promise baby. You're a good boy."

I don't think we'll have to visit Santa this summer for a checkup. 

The Big Announcement

I found out from Kierran’s preschool teacher that the Easter bunny visited all the kids in Kierrans class except him. Very bluntly Kierran said to his peers “…because he isn’t real.” There was an uproar in Miss Kristen’s classroom as the kids argued over Kierrans statement. 8 against 1, Kierran was the minority. 

Crap. My kid is THAT kid. The one I dread come Christmas because I do Santa but not the bunny.

I go all out for almost every holiday. It’s fun and I enjoy all the spoils that come with a holiday and a kids imagination but Easter is one we’ve never been big on. When Scott’s grandfather was alive we did egg hunts up at his grandparents house but that was more than 4 years ago and typically Scott will dye eggs with the boys and we might attend an egg hunt in town but other than a family meal we haven’t been all crazy for the bunny and eggs thing. 

To us Easter isn’t something to mask or make pretend. It’s too powerful and too important for my kids to be confused with how a bunny delivers eggs of candy and how that has anything thing to do with Christ rising from the grave. So when Kierran asked where the Easter bunny was I told him the truth. (Now don’t think I was a total Scrooge. I did get the boys a box of peeps to share.) He looked confused so we talked about it for a bit and I covered a lot but totally neglected to mention to him that we need to keep this between us since other kids believe. Oops!

Miss Kristen handled the situation with grace and was able to cease the lynch mob. Kierran settled on the fact that the bunny didn’t come because he wasn’t good. Ugh! I looked at him and said, “I told you why the Easter bunny didn’t come and it wasn’t because of your behavior. What did I say?” 

“He isn’t real.”

“Yes and let’s keep that info between us.”

Better late then never. Sorry New Hope class of 2017. I’ll take the blame.